Over Again (13+)

he leaned in, and placed his lips on mine, making that the most romantic thing ever. i was officially lost. i forgot about everyone, and everything but him. Harry was the one.


6. Happier this Way

**after a long fight**

"but dad!i'm happier this way! can you not see that? i was miserable here until i got here!and i became happy once we met the boys!" i said.

" you know what?! just go. go on. date him! as long as your'e happy, i'm happy. i'm sorry boo, i was just shocked." he said.

"it's okay dad."

**an hour later**

i was texting harry, until i heard someone outside. "who is it?" i ask.

"i think my own girlfriend should know who i am!" said the person behind the door.

"harry?" i ask.

"nope. it's me baby, John!" ugh. i forgot about John. i was going to break up with him weeks ago, but i forgot to! but i let him in anyway.

"John, i wanted to tell you this for a long time......." i begin.

"that you love me? i know that baby. now, c'mere." he gestures for me to get closer.

"no! John! i wanted to tell you that i've wanted to break up with you since...." my sentence was cut off by him kissing me. "last month." i finish.

"i love you Izz. you're mine. only mine." he said.

"no, i'm not. i have a boyfriend!" i shout.

"yea." he begins. "me."

"never in a million years John!" i say. then, he slowly takes off his belt. *whip!whip!whip!* he whipped me with the belt about three times already,

"if i can't love you, i'll hurt you!" he said. *whip!* "help! help! help!" i cry. nobody's home but me, and John. before he can whip me again, i hear a familiar voice;

"who are you and what are you doing to my girlfriend?!" it was Harry! i felt so relived.

"umm......" he studdered."Harry! help me!" i say, weak. harry rushes over straight away, and kisses my forehead. when he pulls back, his lips are deep red. i must be bleeding there. "

babe, i'll take care of this. can you tell me who he is?" i try to awnser, but my words slur and come out very, very slowly.

"heeeez jjjjjohnnnnnnnnnnnn myexboy friend........he's been abu....sing me for the past 10 minutes!"

"i'll teach that dirtbag a lesson!" said Harry. he was furious. his teeth gritted, eyebrows furrowed, and hands clenched into fists. i started to black-out, but before i did, i heard lots of punching, and yelling. then, i comletely blacked out.

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