Over Again (13+)

he leaned in, and placed his lips on mine, making that the most romantic thing ever. i was officially lost. i forgot about everyone, and everything but him. Harry was the one.


11. Gotcha!

"Harry! he's after us!" i yelled.

"should we park and run?!" he suggested.

"good idea. let's run to the police station. it's over there, down the block" i said. pointing. we got out of the car. we were lucky. John had stopped to take a breath.

"1.....2.....3.....run!" Harry shouted. we sprinted as fast as we could. ten seconds later, John was right behind us. run! run! run! i thought. my heart racing, palms sweating, and then, literally 3 meters away from the police doors. i collapsed onto the ground. again, John was far behind, jogging, and catching his breath.

"Izz!!!" Harry cried.

" Harry.....my head......it hurts..." i said very quietly. he picked me up, and carried me bridal style into the doors of the police station.

"officer!!! we need your help! stat!" Harry said, his voice very serious.

"what's wrong?" asked the officer.

"since about five months ago, this boy named John has been abusing my girlfriend. he has whipped her, and now, kidnapped her. he's  right behind us. wait! outside! look! the boy with the blonde quiff!" said Harry.

"go!go!go! we have a 491 on our hands!" said the officer. they ran outside, including Harry; who had set me down onto a chair, and got John. they after brought him in.

"Gotcha!" said Harry into Johns ear. the cops handcuffed him, and sent him straight to prison for 3 years.

"officer? i have another problem. my girlfriend has a headache. can she please get some pills?" asked  Harry.

"yes, yes. How old is she?"


"i'll be right back with pills and water." then, three minutes later, he came back with all of what he promised.

" i think that you should give them to her." he said, then he turned to me.

" be careful sweetheart, and don't loose him; he's a good one." then he left.

"okay babe, time for the pills. one.two.three." then i opened my mouth and took a gulp of water. the pills went down, and i lay in Harry's arms until i got better. then, he carried me to a carridge droven my two white horses to my house.

"Harry? wanna spend the night?" i ask.

"sure thing, love."

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