Over Again (13+)

he leaned in, and placed his lips on mine, making that the most romantic thing ever. i was officially lost. i forgot about everyone, and everything but him. Harry was the one.


10. Gone

i woke up to find myself in the middle of a cell. a cell with nothing but me in it. i was tied to a wooden chair. the rope burned. i could barely move, and the rope made it hard to breathe.i tried scooting in the chair, nothing. wiggling my right had,nothing. how will i get loose? i tried exhaling deeply. breathe in, breathe out. in, out,in,out. nothing. **creeeeeeeak** i heard the door open. i think i'll find out who kidnapped me.

"who are you?!"i yell. i heard foots steps.

"hello?!" i kept trying to get loose, and find out who it was. i felt hot air on the back of my neck and behind my ear. i felt a tear rolling down my cheek. i'm gonna die, i'm gonna die. well, thats what i thought. nope, i thought wrong.

"well, well, look who it is. the girl who's dating a curly haired boy.  now, lets get you onto the phone with him, and i'll MAKE YOU  break up with him; or a certain knife goes in a certain stomach." no. It was John. he was back for more, and was making me miserable by forcing my to either get jabbed in the stomach by a knife or break up with the one i love.

"John, i won't do ANY of those. i'll sacrifice myself. just tell me where i am!" i was hopeless. i had to let Harry be happy. he would always find another girl if i died, but if i broke up with him, he would just hate me.

"you wanna know where you are?! tell me you choice, then  i'll tell you." he said, running his fingers over the sharp blade.

"break up." i knew it was wrong, but i had an idea,

"okay, the adress is 461 Rabikinson Rd. now, call him and tell him the bad news."

"fine, can i do it in private?" i said. my plan would work if he said yes.

"sure!" he said. i could hear his sarcasm. he untied me, and i dialed Harry's number.

"hello?" he said. his voice was rusty. i could hear that. he must've been crying. i hear sniffling.

"Harry? are you okay?" i said, reassuring him i was calling him.

"Izz! where are you?! i'm worried sick!" he definetly was.

"Hazz, calm down, i'm fine. but i got kidnapped. i got two choices, either i brake up with you, or i get stabbed in the stomach. i chose none, but i have a plan. i'm pretending to call you and break up with you. i'm alone. the kidnapper was John, and he's gone. he told me the adress by mistake. i want you to come and get me." i heard the door unlock.

"are you done?!"


"fine!" and then i got back to Harry.

"what's the adress babe?"

"461 Rabikinson Rd."

"i got it. i'll be there in 5 min."

"bye love, see you in 5 minutes."

"you too," then he hung up. i heard John come in.

"you done?" he asked

"yeah." i strted to fake cry.

"i loved him, but i wanna live!" i was good at pretending.

"i called my parents to pick me up."

"okay." then, i ran into Harry's car and we drove away. but John ran after us.

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