Over Again (13+)

he leaned in, and placed his lips on mine, making that the most romantic thing ever. i was officially lost. i forgot about everyone, and everything but him. Harry was the one.


17. Bad Newsss

i woke up, not alone. i was in bed with harry. finally. i nudged him. he wouldn't wake up.

"haaaarryyyyy" i whispered. he was asleep.

"haaaaarrrryyyyyy" i whispered again. he slightly groaned as his eyes fluttered open.

"morning, love" he said.

"morning" i said as i started to spread a huge smile on my face.

"pancakes?" i asked.

"i'll make them." he said.

"you," he pointed to me.

"don't change. just wash up. i'll be waiting" i giggled at his last comment. as i finished washing up, i smelled pancakes and ran downstairs. harry picked me up at the last step and lifted me into the air as i wrapped my legs around his waist and kissed him on the lips. he walked backwards toward the table and set me down, his sparkling green eyes staring into my hazel ones. then, he walked away and came back soon enough with a plate full of pancakes.

"mm...." i said quietly. we sat down and ate them. suddenly, harry got a call from someone.

"i'll be right back" he said as he answered the phone. i sat alone for a while and realized harry had hung up and started walking towards the kitchen. he came in with puffy eyes and a tissue box. he was also sniffling.

"whats wrong?" i asked, while pulling harry into a quick hug before we sat down, facing one another.

"izz, i.......i....." he began

"you what?" i asked.

"the tour date got changed to tommorow instead of in 3 months. i'm so sorry" he said as he began to cry again.

"harry, its ok. i don't hate you for it, and its not your fault. why are you crying?" i said.

"it's just that....i'll miss you so much and i love you too much to leave for tour. and it's all of a sudden, and i just....can't go." he quietly sniffled.

"harry, i'll be OK  sure it's a few months. but you know you can call, text, Skype  and visit whenever you want and can." i reassured him.

"you know what?" he asked

"what?" i asked. "i'll go, and as soon as i can, i'll Skype you every night." he finished.

"that's what i like to hear! the positive and happy and optimistic harry! plus, look on the bright side, it's your dream to sing onstage in front of thousands of fans. why should i hold back your dreams? go and follow them, and i'll be right here when you get back." i said.

"you're right" he said. then, we just spent the day cuddling and making sure, that we had something to remember until harry was back from touring.

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