Over Again (13+)

he leaned in, and placed his lips on mine, making that the most romantic thing ever. i was officially lost. i forgot about everyone, and everything but him. Harry was the one.


20. Backstabbing

Still Harrys P.O.V.

im so thrilled that theres only 2 days left! todays our second last show and the last two are both in France. i decide to go to the local club to get a drink in celebration of an amazing 3 month tour with the lads. halfway through, i got a text from Izz. 'where arrrrrre youuuuuuu? (not to be stalkerish)' her text made me chuckle. 'the hotels club' i wrote back.she knew which hotel i was staying in so that she could send letters. (even though we text and skype 24/7) 'i knew that...yeahhhh i didn't' she wrote back. i drank a bit and then a dancing song comes on and i rush for the dance floor.  i start dancing the night away and drink some more. it felt good to let loose and party. i suddenly saw a beautiful blond girl sitting alone on the other side of the club.

 "ello, love? are you here alone?" i asked her.

"yes" she said, looking up with her sparkling eyes.

"well i think someone like you shouldn't be alone in a club. dance with me?" i asked holding out my hand. she giggled as i pulled her up onto the dance floor.

"what's your name, love?" i asked her.

"Taylor." she whispered.

"thats a beautiful name, babe" i said. i could tell that she wasn't from the United Kingdom or France.  she had a beautiful american accent.

"aren't you harry styles from one direction?" she asked.

"yes, yes i am," i replied.

"aren't you taylor swift?" i asked her.

"yes i am". we danced for the rest of the night and had a drink or two...


Izz's P.O.V.

I decided to surprise harry but going into the club and covering his eyes and saying 'guess who???' like some people do. i took a flight to France and went into his hotel room. i was really relived when Paul recognized me and gave me his other hotel room key. i dropped off my small suitcase with stuff for today and tommorow. i threw on a silver, glittery mini and did some smokey eyes to impress him (and to look more club-ish, i dont know how to say it). i walked into the club and saw Louis, Niall, and Liam straight away.

"hi  guys!" i waved as i walked over.

"what are you doing i  france, Izz?" asked Louis.

"umm... i came to surprise you guys." i said. (i DID want to surprise the boys, and it worked)

"where's Zayn?" i ask.

"bathroom." said Niall.

"a girl spilled wine on him." said Liam.

"oh. how long has it been? i could help him." i suggest.

"ten minutes.there he is anyways." said Louis.

"hi Zayn!" i yell. Zayn looks toward the boys direction and catches me in his eyes. his mouth dropped open and he quickly ran over.

"izz! how are you? wait...why are you here? wow. you look stunning." he rapidly spoke. i blushed.

"thanks." i exhaled and relplied,

" im here to surprise you guys! so far...all but harry." i trailed off.

"oh! and hows the tour?" i ask.

"we finished!" cried Niall.

"it was fantastic" Liam and Zayn said.

"Brilliant! or should i say...BrilLiam?" he chuckled. i giggled as Liam splapped Louis.

"have you guys seen Harry?" i aak.

"oh! i saw him on the dance floor." said Zayn.

"okay! thanks!" i said as i walked towards the direction of the floor.

"go get em, gurrrrrrrrl!" yelled Niall as the rest laughed. i got to the middle and saw harry.

"harry!" i shouted.


Harrys P.O.V

the loud music was thumping and i was dancing the night away with Taylor. she was so beautiful.

"you're a really sweet and nice guy, Harry." she giggled as i twirled her under my arms.

"harry!" i heard someone yell. whatever. i'm having hallucinations of fans screamigng still.  i twirled Taylor once more and stopped her when she was facing me and pulled her close and pressed her against my chest. i leaned in, and placeed my lips on hers when i heard someone yell

"Harry!". i pulled away and the lights came on. the rapid music stopped and everyone backed away. the only ones who didn't were me, Taylor, and some girl in a sparkly silver dress. she stood there with her mouth dropped open for some reason. "h-harry?" she stuttered. i realized that it was Izz. my girlfriend. i realized that i kissed another girl when i had a girlfriend.

"izz i didn't- "

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