Imagines One Direction/Cody Simpson

Different Imagines I write about 1D and Cody Simpson =)
If you want one leave in the comments below:

1. Name of boy
3. What you want to happen
Example: You guys fight and get back together,
Your first date etc.
4. Description of your self
Example: Hair color, eye color, hobbies, where you live
5. Any other information you want to give me
Enjoy!!!!!! =)


2. Jessica imagine with Liam

Today Liam took you to the fair. It's 5:00pm so you and Liam meet up with the boys and their girlfriends at a restaurant . Liam was really quite like he was nervous but you ignored it and had a good time. You guys decide to go back to the fair.

"Jessica can you come here we need another player for mini golf"

Niall says dragging you over to the mini golf with Harry,and Zayn.

"Okay? what about Liam,Louis,Eleanor,Perrie, and Dani?"

"There... Ummm doing something for Paul"

"Oh Okay"

As Niall,Harry,Zayn and you finish up the game you got worried about Liam, As you guys do the last one you won

"YES I WON!!!!!!!!!!!"

You scream in the boys face.

"Ya,ya, we let you"

"Surrre you did"

"we did right boys"

Niall says the boys all nod

"uh-hun surrre"

"Anyways I think Liam is waiting for you at the Ferris Wheel"

"Umm okay?"

As you walk closer to Liam you noticed he changed into a tux.

"Whats with the tux Payne"

You say as you wrap your arms around his neck and give him a quick kiss.

"You'll see lets go"


As you guys got on the ride and as it moves it stops at the top.

"Close your eye"


"Okay open"

You open your eyes to see candles lit spelling out "Will You Marry Me? -Liam"  You look over to Liam who had a big diamond ring, you were completely shocked you started crying.

"So will you?"

He says looking in your beautiful crystal blue eyes.


He puts the ring on your finger and gives you a passionate kiss as there are fireworks and everyone clapping!

*A/N*  There you go love hope you like it if not comment below and I'll make another one =)    

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