Imagines One Direction/Cody Simpson

Different Imagines I write about 1D and Cody Simpson =)
If you want one leave in the comments below:

1. Name of boy
3. What you want to happen
Example: You guys fight and get back together,
Your first date etc.
4. Description of your self
Example: Hair color, eye color, hobbies, where you live
5. Any other information you want to give me
Enjoy!!!!!! =)


3. Jenna imagine with Louis

You and your boyfriend are going to the park in your home town. As you show Louis around you go sit on your favorite bench by a beautiful pond.

"This is where I came when I was sad,angry or just wanted to get out if the house it was always so peaceful"

"It is so peaceful here Jen and beautiful, but not as beautiful as you"

He says as he kisses your head.

"Thanks Lou your amazing"

"No problem love"

You guys stayed quite no one said anything, but it wasn't an awkward silence it was nice, no fans, paparazzi, just the sound of nature. You were interrupted by a very familiar voice.

"Jenna!! Is that you?!?!?!"

"Oh my god Alex?!?!?"(made up name I don't know if you have a brother or not)

You start crying and run up to him and give him a big hug. Alex is your brother he was stationed over seas and wasn't supposed to be home for 3 months.

"I've missed you so much Jen"

"I know I missed you too, Why are you back so early?"

You asked completely forget about Louis. He comes up behind you wrapping his arm around  your waist and giving you a big kiss.

"Love? Can I talk to you? In private."

He says coldly shooting your brother a dirty look.


You whisper shout at him for interrupting you.

"I don't want you around him"

"I don't want you around you ex boyfriend"

"My ex boyfriend?!"

You burst out laughing until you saw how serious Louis was.

"Louis do you even know who that is?!"

"No not really..."

You chuckle.

"Lou that's my brother Alex, remember he was stationed over seas"

"OMG I'm so so so sooo sorry love I thought he was your ex and i got jealous I'm sorry I didn't want to lose you"

Your heart melted. You didn't think Louis really loved you that much.

"Oh Lou, you will NEVER lose me I love you too much, I want you and only you. Oh and by the way you getting jealous is pretty sexy"

You say with a wink.

"oh really?"

"Haha yupp"

He gives you a big hug and kiss until again you were interrupted.

"K guys split it up I'm still here you know"

"Oh ya sorry bro"

"No problem. So this is the amaZAYN Louis you always talk about"

"hahaha yupp"

And with that Louis always asked you who a guy was when you hung out with them instead of jumping to conclusions. You guys had a strong relationship and got married 2 years later.


A/N- Heyyy okayy there you go im so so so sorry it took soo long im really busy and my laptop broke :( so yeh...... if you want another one just kik me @myafrrs6 or comment below. I'll try to do the others ones soon!!! xoxo =)

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