They Changed my Life

Skylar Rae Blue is living a really bad life. Living with her step-father who murdered her mother when she was 8 right infront of her eyes, and seperated from the person who was her protector. Her big sister lives with her aunt in California and keeping in touch is the last thing that skylar wants if she wants to survive. Walter is her step-fathers name. And now they have to move to England so he doesnt get arrested. Will Skylar start a new life or will she sufer more when she meets those beautiful chocolate brown eyes. Will they be the ones who change my life? Or will it all go to waste and bad things happen? You have to read it to find out :) I promise i wont let you down!


2. What the Hell!?

Louis P.O.V :

As soon as Liam saw that girl get out of that car he practically sprinted out of the front door. I honestly think Liam's got a crush! She is beautiful, but Eleanor is still brighter than the stars. I just sat in the family room of liams house and i heard a sniff from behind me. I turned around to see a teary eyes Niall. "Niall mate what's wrong?"  I asked truely concerened. "My Liam is growing up so fast!" Niall said crying now. "Niall you will find your girl she just hasen't found you yet."

Liam's P.O.V :

She was just standingthere, here peircing green eyes string into my chocolate brown ones. She just stood there frozen in her footsteps until I spoke up,"Hello, love! I'm Liam James Payne your new neighbor." I smile and point to my house nextdoog."Hello, Liam, im Skylar Rae Blue. It's a plaesure to meet you." she said shyly. "would you like some help carrying you bags?" i ask, gesturing to about 12 suitcases in a pick-up truck. "Sure!Uh, i mean, no thanks... uh i can handle it..." she said obviously hiding something. "SKYLAR RAE BLUE!" a mans voice roared from inside the house. I assumed it was her father. "COMING!!" she yelled back to him but just as she bent down to pick up her small suitcase, her father came out and yanked her up by her hair and dragged her through the door as her beautiful face turned to pain and sorrow. "What the hell?" I said to nobody and i jogged back to my house.

Skylar's P.O.V :

"What the hell walter?! Let go of me now! you bastard!" I screamed in pain as he threw me against the hard ground. I again screamed in pain as he shoved his foot into my ribs. "You are going to shut the hell up if you want to live to see another day!" he sneered at me. He dragged me up to my new bedroom. One whole wall was all windows. Great idea!(light bulb!)

Harry's P.O.V :

"Hey maye! How did it go?" i asked Liam as he sat down and told us everything."What the Hell!?" Niall, Louis, Zayn and I all responded.

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