They Changed my Life

Skylar Rae Blue is living a really bad life. Living with her step-father who murdered her mother when she was 8 right infront of her eyes, and seperated from the person who was her protector. Her big sister lives with her aunt in California and keeping in touch is the last thing that skylar wants if she wants to survive. Walter is her step-fathers name. And now they have to move to England so he doesnt get arrested. Will Skylar start a new life or will she sufer more when she meets those beautiful chocolate brown eyes. Will they be the ones who change my life? Or will it all go to waste and bad things happen? You have to read it to find out :) I promise i wont let you down!


10. Backflips, Round offs, Aerials, etc...

Louis' P.O.V

I'm so excited to see how flexible Jenna is and what she can do, she looks right at me and smiles as i get lost in her eyes. She then began.

Cartwheel, round off, and then this weird looking thing that Skylar told us was and Aerial. She did a couple different tricks and flips and ended with a backflip. She was amazing and i knew i just had to have her and be able to call her mine.

Niall's P.O.V

I dont get something. Jenna and Skylar's last names are different. "Hey, guys! I got a question!" i yelled for them. "Yeah, whats up?" they both said. "You can tell you guys are sisters. Anyway, why is your last name Blue" i say pointing to Sky "and your last name Fox?" i ask pointing to Jenna.

I then looked back over at Skylar and tears were pricking the rims of her eyes, threatening to pour out. She then ran into the house with Liam following her quickly.

 Jenna just looked down. She started to speak. "When Sky was 8 and i was 10 we were both living with my mum Andrea Blair Fox and step dad Walter Blue. Umm... Walter killed m-my mom when i was over a friends house. When i came home, I found Sky tied to a chair watching our mums lifeless body just lay there in a pool of blood and Walter had a knife to Skylar's neck. When he saw me he dropped the knife and told me to sit down. So I did." She said. I feel so bad for them, two beautiful girls like them, innocent and fragile. She took a deep breath. "He untied Sky and took her by her hair and me by mine and litterally threw us in my room." Now she had let a few tears escape. "You dont have to continue if you dont want to." I say. Louis looks at me for i dont even know why, he looked t me like i was a retard.

"No... you should know. Anyways, we went to court and my aunt only gained custody of me but not Sky." She said calmly, but something spiked up in her. "I had to leave my little sister, my little 8 year old sister with the man who killed out mum!" She yelled in full out tears. She put her head in her hands and i was just about to hug her but Louis had to butt in and hug her and she cried into his shoulder while he rocked her from side to side shushing her quietly. It calmed her.

I left them to their business and went to check up on Sky, i feel so bad now.

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