They Changed my Life

Skylar Rae Blue is living a really bad life. Living with her step-father who murdered her mother when she was 8 right infront of her eyes, and seperated from the person who was her protector. Her big sister lives with her aunt in California and keeping in touch is the last thing that skylar wants if she wants to survive. Walter is her step-fathers name. And now they have to move to England so he doesnt get arrested. Will Skylar start a new life or will she sufer more when she meets those beautiful chocolate brown eyes. Will they be the ones who change my life? Or will it all go to waste and bad things happen? You have to read it to find out :) I promise i wont let you down!


5. ***Authors Note***

Hey guys thank you so much for reading my movella. It means a lot to me. I want to tell you that I will try and update everyday but I am sick right now :( :( :( Please check out my sisters movella it is called 'Hello Love' and her name is Carrotprincess88 thank you so much again! I will definitely keep posting :)

                                                                      (:X Skylar X:)

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