That cute guy across the street

Catherine has just moved from the states to wolverhampton. Her neighbor across the street is Liam Payne.


6. The first day

  It's the middle of the semester and I'm the new kid. I walked to the office. "Hi. I was wondering if I could a copy of my schedule?"

 "You must be new." The secretary said.

 "Is it that obvious?"

 "Kind of. Now you have the same schedule as another student. Do you know Liam Payne?"

 I scrunched my nose. "Yeah..Do i need to follow him around now?"

 "Only for a day or two. Let me call him up here and he'll show you where your classes are. Oh and your locker is next to his." She said while holding the phone in her hand."Will you send Liam Payne up to the office please? Thank you."

 I sat in the chair and waited. "Great. Im gonna look like a stalker at my new school."I thought.

 "You wanted to see me?" Liam said as he walked in the office door.

  "Yes. Show Catherine to her classes. She has the same schedule as you do."

  He came over to me and helped me out of my chair. "Come on lets go."

  He walked me down to my first class. "English. Not bad. I'm not bad at english at all. Its my second favorite subject. Gym being my first." I thought.

 I walked in and the teacher said "This is Catherine. Shes new and I expect you all to treat her the same way you treat each other." The teach Mr.Walls said.

 "What a dork." One of the girls whispered.

 "Really. If i'm a dork what are you? A troll?" I snarled. This got the entire class to laugh. I looked at the girl and smirked. She scoffed as i took a seat behind her. She turned around and looked at me.

"I'd be careful what you say catherine. You don't know who you're messing with."

 I leaned forward getting close to her face. "I think i do. Quite frankly I dont care. So if i were you i'd watch what you say. Are we clear. I thought so."

 She turned around and taped her pen on the desk and the bell rang.

  I got out of my chair and went over to Liam. "Nice come back. You're the only person that will stand up to her." He said as we started walking to Math

 "She's an idiot. She is just insecure so she thinks its cute to take it out on me. Whats her name anyway?"

 "Maddie. Her two friends are Kristen and Claire. They're in charge apperently. Well everybody is scared of them."

 "You know that must suck being so popular like that because everybody secretly hates you."I said walking into Math.

"You can sit by me if you want." Liam said.


 I took a seat next to him and he was still being shy. " Liam I have to ask you something. Why did you leave when i asked to meet your family."

 He looked away from me "Hey! Andy!"

 "Hey! LIAM!!!! Dude i scored with this chick. Her names ashley. I'm going to her house tonight and her parents arent gonna be home."

 I rolled my eyes and looked at Liams arm. It had bruises all over it. He saw me looking and pull his sleeve down.

 "Good Morning Class! We have a new student her name is catherine. Okay. So today we are-"

 I zoned out and couldnt stop thinking about Liams arm. Apperently i zoned out for the rest of the morning because it was lunch.


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