That cute guy across the street

Catherine has just moved from the states to wolverhampton. Her neighbor across the street is Liam Payne.


2. Moved in

 "Mom this isnt fair. Why did we have to move here?" I asked scrunching my nose.

 "I've told you already. School is good here and people are nice."

  "Fine." I looked over and saw a cute boy across the street. "Mom whos that?"

   "Oh hes apart of the Payne family. His names Liam i think. Hes your age. Go talk to him."

   "I'll pass."

   "Come on. You're sixteen live a little."

   "No. Just stop."

  "LIAM!!" My mom yelled. He turned his head and smiled at me. I blushed and waved. He started walking over all i could think is dont look stupid.

  "Hi. Whats your name love?" He asked.

  "Catherine. I'm guessing yours is Liam."

  "Yeah. Do you wanna go for a walk?"

  "I would love to."

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