That cute guy across the street

Catherine has just moved from the states to wolverhampton. Her neighbor across the street is Liam Payne.


57. I'll look after you

  I put in the movie and laid down in my bed next to Liam. He pulled me into his chest and i ended up dozing off. I always either fell asleep on his chest or in his lap. I woke up to get a drink and Liam had his arms wrapped around me. I tried to get up and he wouldnt let me go. I managed to get up and it was freezing. "Fuck it. Its cold."

  I went back and laid under the blankets. Liam grabbed me a pulled me close. I moved away and rolled over on my stomach. he turned me over and pulled me close. "You keep me warm." He said

  I nuzzled my head in his chest. "Good because its warmer here anyway."

  He squeezed me tight and started singing to me. He started singing "Look after you"

  "Oh, oh
 Be my baby
Oh, oh
Be my Baby
I'll look after you
And I'll look after you

If ever there was a doubt
My love she leans into me
This most assuredly counts
She says most assuredly

Oh, oh
Be my baby
I'll look after you
After You
Oh, oh
Be my baby
  I hummed the words along with him. It was my favorite song. I loved it when he sang to me.

  "I'll look after you." He whispered in my ear.

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