That cute guy across the street

Catherine has just moved from the states to wolverhampton. Her neighbor across the street is Liam Payne.


55. I hate that i love you...

  As i was walking in the hallway a strong grip pulled me into a janitors closet. "woah!" I said.

  I was in the closet with Liam and he was blocking me from getting out. "What?"

 "Talk to me. Please. You've been driving me mad!"

  "How have i been driving you mad? Is it because i wont talk to you? If thats the question the answer is.. you dont deserve my breath to be wasted on you."

  He grabbed my arms. "Please! Just can we talk about it."

  "Why should we?"

  "I'm going mad without you! Okay. I see the way you look at andy. I know you like him but you should know that I loved you first! You know that should be me holding on your hand, dancing in the dark because I was the only one who loved you from the start!"\

  "If you truly loved me you wouldnt have played me like that! I wouldve understood if you had a girlfriend! Instead you lied to me. You know I couldve waited Liam. But you its unfortaunate but they dont know about us! They dont know about the things we do! And You! Dont know about all the I love yous ive been holding in. Liam you played me like freaking monoply! My heart isnt a game and I'm not either. You know Liam. I hate myself. Okay. I hate when i smile how my eyes crinkle.I hate my stomach looks and how my thighs look. Okay Im catherine the cow! I hate the dimples at the bottom of my spine! I just hate everything about me Liam. You told me ill never love myself as half as much as you love me. That ill never treat myself right but you want me to. That you're here for me. That someday maybe ill love myself like you love me. Well Okay. I dont love myself because I'm ugly and boys just dont like me! And you showed it." I said.

  "Catherine! Stop! You cant talk about yourself like that."

  "Why cant i? Its the truth!!!"

  "No its not! You're beautiful! I'm just stupid and I ment everything i said to you! I never said you were an annoying bitch i said maddie was."

  "But maddie is your girlfriend! You bought her the same janky bracelet you got me!!!"

  "No. I didnt. Yours actually ment something to you. It was beautiful like you. Hers was cheap and ugly. Like her. She may be beautiful on the outside but she is ugly on the inside. You're beautiful on the inside and out."

  He hugged me and i think he started crying because i heard him sniffle a few times. "Liam dont cry. Its fine."

 "I hate the fact that i love you.." I thought.

 "No its not fine! Im the biggest jerk in the world! I desrve all the beatings from my dad. I should go home and make him beat the stupid out of me!"

 "Liam. No you shouldn't. You're smart. You're not stupid. You're an amazing person. But you are a jerk."

  He looked at me and smiled. "hey!"

  "You said it not me." I said with a smile.

  "So are we friends again?"

  I gave him a hug. "Yeah best friends."


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