That cute guy across the street

Catherine has just moved from the states to wolverhampton. Her neighbor across the street is Liam Payne.


61. HELP!!!

  After Liam left i went for a walk. It was ten o'clock at night. I was walking down a dark alley and then i heard two guys behind me. "hey pretty girl. What are you doing out here all alone this late?" The first guy asked

  "C-can you just leave me alone?" I stuttered.

  "No. Now how about we show you a good time?" The second one asked grabbing my wrist.

  "Let me go!!!"

  The other guy came and pushed me down. He took off my belt and started hitting me with it while the other guy took off my shirt. "STOP! PLEASE!" I screamed.

  "Nope! Not untill youre done giving us pleasure.." They said.

 The first guy tried to kiss me and i kneed him in the crotch. "Ow! You little bitch!" He yelled and punched me.

 I let out a loud scream and started to cry. The guy with my belt hit me across the chest.  I screamed again. "If you're gonna kill me just do it quick!" I said.

  "Suit yourself."

  The guy took off his clothes and got on top of me. He started pushing me into the ground. He was pulled up. I looked over and Liam was beating both the guys up. I couldnt move. I could hear the police sirens. Liam picked me up and put his jacket to cover me up. "Liam..." I said weakly.

  "Yeah. You're safe with me."

  I fell out of Liams arms and somebody slammed me into a wall and tried to take off my bra. "STOP! LEAVE ME ALONE!! LIAM HELP!"
  The guy put his hand over my mouth. I looked over and saw Liam had a knife to his throat. "Look. Unless you want your little boyfriend to die i suggest you shut up and give me what I want. You understand?"

  He took his hand off my mouth. "Dont take him take me!!" I yelled.

  "Fine for me let him go."


  He ran up the street. They pushed me down on the ground and they struggled with the button of my jeans. I started crying and the cops pulled up. Liam was in the backseat and he got out when he saw me on the ground. He came over and took his shirt off to give to me. He helped me to my feet and put my arms over my head and put the shirt on me. "You might wanna take her to the hospital. She looks pretty bad." The cop said.

  "Thank you will do." Liam said.

 He ran me up to his house and set me in his car. He put on his extra shirt and drove me to the hospital.

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