That cute guy across the street

Catherine has just moved from the states to wolverhampton. Her neighbor across the street is Liam Payne.


67. Getting ready for prom

  My mom laced up my dress as i put on my pink diamond necklace. I looked in the mirror and slid my head piece on my curled hair. I put on my pink eye shadow and black eyeliner. My mom handed me a tube of red lipstick. I put it on and i finally felt beautiful for once in my life.

  "His jaw is gonna drop when he see you honey. you look beautiful." My mom cooed.

  "Thanks. Please dont embarrass me by taking to many pictures."

  "what? Me. Embarrass you. Honey you dont need my help on that you're good at doing it on your own." She joked.

  "Whatever. I think Liams here. Go open the door for him." I said.


  She left and i could hear her down there talking to him. I took a deep breath and sprayed on my playboy perfume. "catherine. get down here please."

  I opened up the door and went down the steps. I smiled at Liam and his jaw dropped. "Liam close your mouth. You catch flies that way." I said and giggled.

  He shut his mouth and gave me my corsage. "Here you go."

  "What you arent gonna put it on me." I said laughing.

  He slid in on my wrist and kissed my hand. "My mom wants pictures too." He said.

 "PICTURE TIME!" my mom yelled.

 We went out into the yard and took at least twenty pictures."Mom. stop. i think were good."

  "Fine. Karen wants to see you too. so go on over there."

  We walked across the street and took twenty more pictures. "Mom we want to leave." Liam said.

 "Alright have fun." Karen said.

  Liam grabbed my hand and lead me to his car. He opened the door and i sat down.

 "Ready?" He asked.



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