That cute guy across the street

Catherine has just moved from the states to wolverhampton. Her neighbor across the street is Liam Payne.


20. English

  I sat next to Liam and his friend that normally sits by him gave me a dirty look. I rolled my eyes and Liam put his hand on the desk. He looked at me and smiled. The maddie came in. "AWW LOOK AT THE LOSER. SHES STALKING LIAM!"

  I got up out of my chair and Liam grabbed my hand. "No let me go!"

  "Look you got a lot of balls I'll give you that. But let me tell you this. You dont know where the fuck i come from. You dont know who the fuck I am. So if i were you i would watch what you say. You think everyone loves you but in reality bitch EVERYBODY HATES YOU! So unless you wanna get your butt personally kicked by me watch yourself. Are we clear. I thought so. If you're not scared. I would be."

  "Whatever. You wont do anything. You're just an ugly anorexic bitch that doesnt deserve to live."

  I looked at her and sat down. That hurt. Really bad. It made me just wanna cut myself again.

  "Yeah. Thats what i thought got nothing to say."

  I stood back up. "Look you need to shut the fuck up. You're throwing low blows bitch. You're so so so damn lucky i dont kick your mother fucking troll looking ass because i swear if i  did you'd be in the mother fucking hospital. Bitch you think everybodys scared you. Well they havent seen scary yet. I would probably kill you if we fought because bitch where i came from you had to know how to fight to get by. So how bout you take your scrawny ass and sit down. Kay bye bitch."

 "Whatever. You're just mad because i'm pretty then you." She said sitting down.

 "yeah totally because you need pounds of make up to look like that. I dont. Im beautiful the way i am. So how about you get that stick out of your ass and get off your period then come talk to me in the mean time talk to the booty cause the mother fucking hands off duty."

  I sat down and Liam looked at me dissapointed."What?"

 He nodded his head and looked away.

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