That cute guy across the street

Catherine has just moved from the states to wolverhampton. Her neighbor across the street is Liam Payne.


66. Dress shopping with Liam.

  "Okay. I have no idea what i want." I said.

  "I know what i would like to see you in." He said looking at a long purple dress with black lace beaded belt underneath the bust.

  "Thats cute. I'll try it on."

  His whole face lit up and he dragged me over to the rack. I laughed at him and looked for my size. "Turn around Liam i dont want you to see what size I am."

  "Catherine dont be rediculous."

  "Then turn around."

  He sighed and turned around. I grabbed a sized four off the rack. "Can i turn back around?"

 "Yeah. Help me find more."

  I looked through the racks and found a dress with a bejewled corset top with a black skirt. "Wow." I said.

  "Thats beautiful." Liam said.

  "Can I try it on. Please?"

  "Of course! I'll keep looking for you while you try stuff on."


 I headed for the dressing room and ran into Maddie. "Aww look at you trying to act like you fit in."

  "Leave me alone. I'm just trying to find a dress."

  "Clearly you're not finding any good ones if you're shopping here."

  "If you dont like anything here. Why are you here?"

  "GIRLS! We're leaving." She yelled and walked out.

  I rolled my eyes and went into the dressing room and waited for a consultant. "Hi my names Dianne. I'm your consultant for today. Whats your name?"


  "Alright. I see you have found a few you like is there anymore out there?"

  "Well it depends if Liam finds anything."

  "Whos liam?"

  "My date. He wants to buy my dress."

  "Okay well are you ready to try on dresses?"

  I smiled. "Yep!"

 I slid on the dress that i picked out. "This corset is gonna be crazy to tie by yourself." She said while pulling on the strings. She tied it up and turned me around to look in the mirror. I smiled really big.

 There was a knock at the door. "Catherine. I found more dresses." Liam said.

 I opened it and showed him the dress. His mouth dropped open. "I have the perfect shoes to go with it." Dianne said.

  She grabbed me the shoes and i stepped in them. "What do you think?"

 "Nice boobs." He said.

 "uhm.. Pardon?"


 "Okay... So you like this one?"

  "Liam Likey!!"

  "Should i keep this in here?"

 He nodded his head yes four times. I grabbed the dresses he found and hung them up. i closed the door and tried on the first one he picked out.

 My mouth hung open. This was the ugliest dress ive ever put on my body. "No. i hate it."

 "Do you wanna show him?"

  "No." I turned my head and saw a dress just like the first one i tried on. The only difference was in the back it went to my knees and it the front it stopped around mid thigh.

 I tried it on and Dianne laced up the back. I looked in the mirror and started crying. "Whats wrong?"

 "I love it!!"


  I put on black peep toe heels and look in the mirror again. "I have the perfect head piece." Dianne said.

  She opened the door just a crack and went outside. She came back with a pink crystal flower headband. I put it on and started crying harder. I grabbed a couple tissues. "This night is going to be perfect." She said and walked back out side.

  "Liam!" She yelled.


  "Ready to see Catherine and the dress she wants."

  He stood up and opened the door. I looked at him and smiled. He took my hand and lead me to the pedestal. I looked in the mirror and tears raced down my cheeks.

  "whats wrong? Dont you love the dress?"

  "Yes i love it! Thats why im crying!"

  "Do you want this dress?"

  "Yes i really like it." I said crying.

  "Catherine, Are you saying yes to this dress?" Dianne asked.

  "YES! WRAP IT UP AND LETS GO!" I yelled.

  She smiled."Alright get changed and we will ring it up for you. "Do you want everything that you're wearing."

 "Yes, she does." Liam said.

 I smiled and gave him a hug. "Thank you."

  "You're welcome."

  I went back into the dressing room and changed. I couldnt stop smiling. This night was going to be magical.



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