That cute guy across the street

Catherine has just moved from the states to wolverhampton. Her neighbor across the street is Liam Payne.


45. Crying over you

  I ran upstairs to my room a jumped on my bed. "I hate myself. Sometimes i hate him!" I screamed into my pillow.

  I started crying. There was a knock at my door. "Who is it?" I said through hicups.


  "Go away."

  "I need to talk to you."

  "No! Go away. I dont wanna talk to you."


  "Because im sick of crying over you!"

  He opened the door. "Why are you crying over me?"

  "Just leave me alone. You're worse then my mom."

  He put his hand on my back. "I dont wanna leave you alone."

  I rolled over. "Sometimes. I hate you."

  "Good." He said as he laid down next to me

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