That cute guy across the street

Catherine has just moved from the states to wolverhampton. Her neighbor across the street is Liam Payne.


51. Andy saw me cry....

  I laid my head on the desk and started crying. I could feel andy patting my back. "It will get better soon. Just keep your head up."

  I sat up and wiped my eyes."Thats what my mom told me this morning."

  "Well your mom is smart. Now i dont like seeing girls cry so please stop crying. Its making me mad."

  "WHy is it making you mad."

  "Because he doesnt deserve to be cried over especially not you. He doesnt deserve your tears."

  I smiled."Thank you. I appreciate it. You made me feel better." I said giving him a hug. I got a peak at Liam and he looked mad. Like he was ready to punch somebody. But he was sitting next to... MADDIE?!

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