That cute guy across the street

Catherine has just moved from the states to wolverhampton. Her neighbor across the street is Liam Payne.


42. All smiles.. untill i see him

  I ran over to Liams house and pounded on the door. "LIAM I FOUND A-"

  He answered the door with a bloody nose and bloody lip. "Look. You need to run away. As far as you can. As far away from me." he said.


 "Go!" He yelled as his dad grabbed him.

 "Im not leaving without you!" I yelled entering the house.

 I slammed the door shut and tried to pull his dad off him. "Stop!"

 His dad slapped me and i fell to the ground. "Shit!" I yelled

 He kicked me. "watch your mouth!"

 I got up and pulled Liam away.I punched his dad in the stomach but he knocked me down and kicked me again. I closed my eyes and he kicked my foot. I grabbed his foot and knocked him to the ground. "RUN!" I yelled.

 We left and ran to the park.

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