Summer Loves

This is a One Direction fanfiction about two girls, Ash and Kay. One summer, they just so happen to run into the band.
What happens next is all a mystery......


5. We're Gonna Be Up All Night


Sleepovers with Ash are NEVER normal. We always end up doing the craziest things.

Tonight, however, is different. We usually never listen to music at my place, cause we're always on the beach, but we had turned on my iPhone and were jamming to music.

"So I cross my heart and I hope to die
That I'll only stay with you one more night
And I know I said it a million times
But I'll only stay with you one more night"

We sang to Maroon Five. Earlier, we sang along to Payphone and Call Me Maybe.

As the song ended, we both slumped onto the couch. I turned the music down and went to get some drinks.

"What do you want to drink, Ash?"

She sat up and pretended to stroke a beard. "Hmmm......DR. PEPPER!" she yelled.

I laughed and nodded, grabbing a Dr. Pepper for both of us. Well, we're gonna be up all night.

I laughed, realizing that Up All Night was playing.

"You know what I wanna do?" Ash said.

"What?" I asked, taking a sip of my soda.

"Give Louis my number."

I almost choked on my soda. I coughed. "Did you say give him your number?"

She nodded. "Why not?"

I shrugged. "I guess I'll give Harry mine too then."

We both grabbed our phones and opened up Twitter.

I opened up a new DM and typed in '@Harry_Styles', starting a new DM.

Me: Hey Har!

Harry: Hey Kay!(:

Me: So, I was wondering, did you want my number by any chance...?? I mean, you'll need it sooner or later;)

Harry: Haha yes please, love(:

Me: Haha ok(: Here: (757) 793-5289

I didn't get an answer back. I put my phone in my pocket, on vibrate, and took a sip of my Dr. Pepper.

My phone has a strong vibrate and I made a mistake of putting it in my back pocket. It vibrated, making me jump and spill soda on my old Big Time Rush concert shirt.

"Mother......BLUBBER! Are you kidding me!?" I shouted, quoting one of my favorite lines from The Amazing Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker.

I took my phone out, looking at who texted me.

???: Hey Kay(: it's Harry(:

Me: Well thanks, Har, for making me spill soda all over my shirt -__-

Hazza: Haha what??

Me: urg nvm haha

Hazza: Ok aha(;

Me: So what time are you picking me up tomorrow??

Hazza: Hmmm how's 11:30??

Me: Sure(: can't wait<3

Hazza: me neither(: <3

I smiled. Wait. How do I know FOR SURE that it's Harry? I can't just ASK him. I mean, he could lie and SAY that he's Harry but NOT be Harry.....right?

"Ahhh! Kay! Harry and Lou are doing a twitcam!" Ash shouted.

I smiled and sat in front of her laptop.

"Hi!" Harry said, waving.

"Hello!" Louis said, waving as well.

We watched them do funny, strange things for a while.

I had an idea. I need to know if who I'm texting really IS Harry.

I started a new text.

Me: I dare you to yell something really loud in the middle of your twitcam xD

I saw Harry receive a text and he looked at it, laughing.

Please be my text.

"I HAVE A DATE WITH A PRETTY GIRL NAMED KAY!" Harry yelled. I laughed.

I guess it really is Harry. I really do have a date with Harry.
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