Summer Loves

This is a One Direction fanfiction about two girls, Ash and Kay. One summer, they just so happen to run into the band.
What happens next is all a mystery......


13. Weariness

Ash's P.O.V
Harry just layed Kay down in her bed and came back sow with a confused look on his face, "What happened exactly?" He asked scrunching his eyebrows.

"I'm sorry but I believe that the real question is why did you take Kay home and have sex with her?! You guys have known eachother for like three days! That's sick!" I whisper screamed.

"Well I'm sorry." He held his hands up in surrender. I shook my head at him.

"Sorry isn't enough, what if she's pregnant? If her parents did out they will kill her, they will kill me! She has forever been a virgin, she promised me that should forever be virgin! Why did you have sex? I just can't believe that you had sex." I gagged just thinking about it.

"I understand, you're worried about her." He nodded sitting down on the couch next to me.

"I'm worried about both of you, she thinks she's in love with you and if she's pregnant then..." He cut me off.

"Woah pregnant? We didn't go that far." He shook his head and I could see how disgusted with me he was.

"You better not have, 'cause getting your soon to be girlfriend pregnant on a first date... Ew!" I shriveled in disgust.

He laughed, "You are just like Louis." He said laughing. I threw a pillow at him.

"Am not! I am far crazier! Ugh, I need some carrots." I walked to the fridge to grab some carrots.

"You even sound like him." He rose from the couch and walked up to me.

I bit into my carrot like a bunny, "Ok, I won't deny that. 'Cause it's totes true!" I shouted. Running back to the couch. I jumped onto the couch and continued gnawing on my carrot.

"You know, he's really in love with you. It was like love at first sight for him." I sat up straight from my slowchy position.

"Awwwww!" I yelped hugging a pillow. I was truely very hyper, I was high on Louis's love.

"He talks about you all the time, he's texting me about you right now." I laughed thinking that he was joking. Harry handed me his phone, and I read through it all.

Louis~ Hazz, I'm in love!:)

Me (Harry)~ oh Lou!!!!;)

Louis~ No seriously!!!!! I want her to be mine all mine! :):):)

Me (Harry)~ did you ask her to be yours all yours?

Louis~ Almost...

Me (Harry)~ what happened mate?

Louis~ I clicked

As I read through those texts I got overly excited! I had to text him back, but I had to pretended I was Harry.

Me (Ash)~ what do u mean u clicked?

Louis~ I felt like she was way out of my league

Me (Ash)~ your Louis Tomlinson! You are not out of her league.

Louis~ well...

Me (Ash)~ Lou, you are not way out of my league. We are perfect.

Louis~ Hazz, I'm talking about Ashlyn

Me (Ash)~ ik

Louis~ wait... Ashlyn?

Me (Ash)~ well hiya darling!:)

Louis~ oh my god, have I been texting you this whole time?!

Me (Ash)~ no just since you said you clicked

Louis~ oh few!

Me (Ash)~ but I did read everything else

Louis~ everything?

Me (Ash)~ Everything

I didn't get a text back after that, I handed Harry his phone and went onto twitter on my own phone. I tweeted Louis.

@Louis_Tomlinson is my boo bear ok?

I sent it and waited for a reply. I waited and waited, but I never got a response.

Harry went up to bed wit Madi after an hour of complete silence. I got up and walked into my room of the beach house. I layed down on the bed.

3 hours later

"Ring a ting ting! Ring a ting ting!" I popped up from being startled. I looked at the clock, it was two o'clock in the morning. Who would be calling me? I answered the phone sleepily.

"Hello?" I said grumpily.

"Ash? Sorry to wake you, we just need to talk." I gasped

"Lou?" I asked

"Look out your window." He whispered into the phone. I obeyed and what do ya know! Louis was in mine and Kay's tree house from when we were kids.

"Louis! How did you find that?!" I scream whispered. I was laughing hysterically.

"No questions!" He pouted, "Come on out." He whispered.

"Ok hang on I'll be up in a minute." I smiled, I ran to my dresser and puller on my long grey bath robe and a pair of bright red, one direction slippers. I slipped my phone and iPod in my bathrobe pocket. I sprinted out of my room and down the stairs. There standing infront of me was Kay, I gasped at her ghostly figure.

"Kay, you nearly scared the hell out of me!" I whispered as I half hyperventilated.

"Sorry darling, I was just getting some water. Where are you going? I hope not far, your hair loos like a rats nest." I screamed and ran to the bathroom to grab a brush. I brushed threw my knots and ran back out the door and to the tree house. I was quick to climb up the laddercandlea were light to give the little room some light. I saw Louis sitting up against the wall with his head in his hands.

"Lou? Are you alright darling?" I asked him, I had a weary feeling going through my stomach.

"Yea fine, just tired." He said raising his head and laying his hands on his thighs.

"Gotcha, so... How can I help you?" I asked, I quickly yawned and shivered. Although it was mid June, it got very cold at night. He pulled me up to the wall and wrap his arm around me.

"I don't know, we just need to talk." I was super worried by this point, I thought he was going to be angry about me reading his texts.

"Louis I'm so sorry for reading the texts and pretending to be Harry! I was super curious and Harry told me you were texting and even gave me his phone to tea through everything. I couldn't help myself and I know you're probably really angry but I swear..." His lips closed onto mine.

Our lips danced to a new tune that only we could create. He cupped my face with his palms. I was a deep, passionate kiss. It was a kiss that I had never shared with anyone before. But of course the moment that gave me major butterflies, ended. Louis pulled away.

"Ok," he took a deep breath, "Here it goes. And I wouldn't be saying this if you hadn't read through the texts. 'Cause now I don't think that I can wait any longer." I nodded and gestured him to continue, "Ok here it is, Ashlyn?" I nodded.

"Yes Louis?" I asked, I was between screaming with excitement and weariness as he paused.

"Will you be my girlfriend." He asked.

I gasped in excitement, I nodded rapidly. "I would love to!" I yelled.

All that weariness for nothing but the best thing that has never, ever happened to me before.
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