Summer Loves

This is a One Direction fanfiction about two girls, Ash and Kay. One summer, they just so happen to run into the band.
What happens next is all a mystery......


18. Snuggle Time

Kay's P.O.V

Ash and Lou were spending the night in ghe tree house, which became their new favotite spot. Atleast it did after the drained out all the sea water and returned the crabs to their rightful homes. It made Harry and I laugh to watch them clean up their messes.

Its so adorable when I see them out of the corner of my eyes hugging, or pecking each others lips. They are just moving along so quickly and love each other so much. They finally found their true loves.

As for Harry and I, we are in my room watching The Little Mermaid. I got to choose, I always loved the movie as a small child and just wanted to relive my childhood.

My head rested on Harry's lap and my feet stuck out on the end of the bed. Harry's hands were trembling with my hair as he stroked it softly.

I looked up at him and couldn't help but to just smile. I couldn't believe that my boyfriend was Harry Styles. I have to be the luckiest person in the whole universe!

Well except for Ashlyn, she was truly, madly, deeply in love with Louis.

Harry was taking things pretty slowly with me, but that's ok.

"Kay? Are you alright sweet heart?" he tucked my hair behind my ear.

"Yeah, just thinking." I snuggled up to him some more.

"About what?" I sat up and looked him straight dead in the eyes.

"How I am most likely the happiest girl on the planet, aside from Ash of course." he let out a small giggle.

I leaned in close to Harry and his sent twirled its way up into my nostrils and sent shivers down my spine. My head lay against his and our noses slowly came together.

I pecked his lips and closed my eyes as I spoke to him, "How I am in love..." I pecked his lips again.

Harry gave me a pouty face.

"Don't tease me like this." he whined. I poked his nose.

"Oh don't worry Hazz I'm not teasing." I leaned down a gave him a long passionate kiss.

I never wanted this to end.

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