Summer Loves

This is a One Direction fanfiction about two girls, Ash and Kay. One summer, they just so happen to run into the band.
What happens next is all a mystery......


14. One Condition

Harry POV

I woke up to a faint glow in the room. I blinked a few times to adjust to the light.

I heard a small sound come from next to me and I turned to see the beautiful girl laying next to me, hair spread out all around her.

She was clutching a pillow in her hands. It was a small yellow one.

I smiled at the sight. She's practically my world. It's like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders when I first met the surfer girl at the beach.

It occurred to me that I can't let this one go. I let other girls go. I let them slip away. But this girl, she's the one. The one I can't ever lose.

I carefully slipped out of bed, kissing her on the forehead, and quietly walked downstairs.

I turned around the corner and, through the window, saw Ash and Louis asleep in a treehouse. I chuckled.

I walked into Kay's kitchen and went to the coffee maker.

Where are the coffee beans....?

"They're in the bottom cabinet." a small, sleepy voice said from behind me.

I turned to see Kay standing there, in a yellow silk robe and light brown slippers. Her hair was in a messy bun and she was wiping sleep from her eyes. She still looked beautiful.

"Thanks, Love. Want me to make you some?" I asked her.

She smiled and nodded, walking further into the kitchen.

I started to make the coffee. As it was churning, I turned to see Kay sitting on the counter. She had two coffee mugs in her hands.

I walked over to her and put my hands on her knees. She placed the coffee mugs on the counter and her hands slipped to my curls. I chuckled.

"Harry?" she asked.


"Are we........boyfriend and girlfriend?"

I opened my eyes. "What do you mean, Love?"

"Well, think about it. We kissed in the rain," she said, smiling, "we had sex, and you stayed at my house over night."

I smiled. "Do you WANT us to be boyfriend and girlfriend?" I asked, smirking.

She smiled. "On one condition."

"Which is?"

"I get to be the girlfriend." she laughed.

I smiled. I just love her laugh.

"Then I guess we are boyfriend and girlfriend."

Her smile widened and she bent down to kiss me.

I kissed back and my hands went to her hips, lifting her off the counter. I held her up, hands on her thighs, and kissed her passionately. Her hands messed with my curls.

I smiled into the kiss. She pulled away and laughed.

"Coffee's done, Harry." she said.

I smiled and set her down, walking over to the coffee machine.

Kay walked up behind me with two coffee mugs. One of them was red and it had my band's symbol on it in white. The other was white and said 'Mrs. Styles<3' on it.

I laughed when I saw them.

"What?" she asked.

"I like that one." I said, pointing to the white one.

She looked at it and her cheeks flushed a bright shade of pink.

She was about to go put it away when I grabbed her wrist, stopping her.

"I like it because you ARE Mrs. Styles, Kayla." I said, surprising myself.

But I meant every word.

She smiled and pecked my cheek.

I grabbed the mugs and poured coffee into both of them.

Kay led me onto the back porch. She pulled out two deck chairs and sat on one, pulling her legs up to her chest. I sat on the other, taking a sip of my coffee.

We sat in silence for a while. It was a nice calming silence.

"Wanna scare Ash and Louis?" she asked.

I smirked. "Yes!"

"Ok ok. So here's what we're gonna do......"
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