Summer Loves

This is a One Direction fanfiction about two girls, Ash and Kay. One summer, they just so happen to run into the band.
What happens next is all a mystery......


7. Not Cute Enough 2

Kay's P.O.V
Ash is now stunning, so I guess it's my turn. I started going through my clothes.

I tried on about 17 different outfits.

One was a teel t shirt with a cream flower skirt and flip flops. Nuh uh, way to casual!
All that I tried on didn't fit a date with Harry Styles.

But then I found my dark blue jean shorts, and my half sleeve cream, lace, see through shirt. I put a white tank on under it. With my curly black hair I looked... No words could describe it. I felt beautiful.

I clipped my bangs back with a couple of bobbi pins an slipped on some flip flops. My makeup was pinkish eye shadow and sparkly lip gloss, and of course black mascara.

I strutted out if the bathroom and revealed my outfit.

"We'll what do you think?" I asked. Ash turned around and her eyes widened.

"I think that if I was Harry I would be in heaven right now!" She squealed, I giggled at the comment and waited for Harry to arrive.
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