Summer Loves

This is a One Direction fanfiction about two girls, Ash and Kay. One summer, they just so happen to run into the band.
What happens next is all a mystery......


15. Insert Evil Laugh


"Ready, Harry?"


"Alright. Split!"

Harry ran to the beach and I ran around to the side of the beach house.

We were starting our master plan. Insert evil laugh.

After we planned it out, we had gotten changed. Harry had changed into his shorts and tank from yesterday and I had changed into white booty shorts, a white tank, and a purple and blue plaid shirt.

I rolled my sleeves up and reached for the hose. I turned it on and made sure the water was cold.

I laughed as I uncoiled it and ran towards the treehouse.

Harry had a bucket full of, not so happy, crabs. We both smirked.

"Alright. So, first, I'll go up and spray the hose through the window. Then, you come up and put all the crabs in there. Then we run away as fast as possible so they don't see us." I explained.

Harry nodded and I went up the ladder with the hose.

I peeked through the window. Still asleep. Perfect.

I smiled and slipped the hose in. I looked down and gave Harry a thumbs up, signalling him to turn the hose on. He nodded and turned it on.

The water started slowly, then sped up. A minute past and the treehouse floor looked like the ocean floor.

I signalled Harry to turn the water off then grabbed the hose and headed down the ladder.

Harry went up and started I unload the crabs. He laughed as he came down the ladder.

We smiled at each other and high-fived. BEST. MASTER. PLAN. EVER.


I woke up feeling........wet? Wait. What? Why on earth was I wet?

I opened my eyes and shrieked.

"Louis! Louis, wake up!" I yelled, shaking him.

"Who, what, when, where, why, how?!" he shouted, waking up.

As soon as he saw the water, we both started freaking out. No way we're in the water. We couldn't be. We were in the treehouse. How did the treehouse get filled with water!?

"Ow!" Louis yelled.

"What!?" I yelled back.

"Something pinched my foot!" he answered, grabbing his foot.

He stopped jumping and stared at my head, eyes getting wide.


"There's a crab in your hair!"


"HOW!?" he yelled back.


He reached up to pluck it off my head and screamed, quickly pulling his hand away and shaking it.

"It bit me!" he yelled.

I heard laughing from outside. Of course.

I looked out the window and saw Kay on Harry's back. He was pointing up at me, laughing and Harry was laughing too.

"We got you gooooooood!" Kay yelled up at me.

"Fuck you!" I yelled back.

"Love you too!" she yelled back.

They ran inside and Louis and I stepped out of the treehouse, watching the water all drain out.

"I'm gonna kill her......" I said.

"Or we could just prank them back?" Louis suggested.

"I like your thinking, Tommo."
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