Summer Loves

This is a One Direction fanfiction about two girls, Ash and Kay. One summer, they just so happen to run into the band.
What happens next is all a mystery......


4. Fan Girling

Kay's P.O.V
It's been three hours since our dates were set with Louis and Harry, I still haven't stopped freaking out. It's 6:30 and, although it was was a very bad decision, I let Ash cook dinner because I was so excited that I was shaking uncontrollably. Of course she gave me the "are you serious?" Look. Truth told, Ash is, what you would call, not a very good cook. She burned her Mac n' cheese because she forgot to put in the water. So I'm not really sure if this was such a good call but there's always 911 on speed dial if she happens to catch the beach house on fire.

"Ok, if your sure!" She rolled her eyes and started inspecting the fridge for whatever she was going to make.

"Oh I'm not, I just kinda can't." I held my arm up to show the seizure like shaking that was going through it. Ash laughed and continued searching for food.

My phone vibrated.

"I just a tweet from, who is supposivly, Harry's biggest fan!" I quoted biggest fan with my fingers.

"And what did his biggest fan say?" She quoted biggest fan as well an rolled her eyes.

I read the tweet.

@KayKayBoo I can't beleive u hav a date with Harry Styles! THE Harry Styles! It's not fair!!!!:(:(

I read the tweet aloud to Ash and she just laughed hysterically at the fan's envy in me. I laughed as well, but not at the tweet. No I was laughing at how Ash accidentally slapped her face with the spoon.

"That's funny! You should reply "I can't believe it either! I going out with the sexiest guy in Miami!" I bet that'll piss a lot of fans off, but you'll still be your fangirling self!" I laughed at Ash's comment, she always ha the funniest things to say.

@Hazza's#1Fan I can't believe I'm going out with the sexiest guy in all of Miami!:):)

I laughed an set my phone down

Right then Ash's phone vibrated, she gave me the "check it for me look" (she has a lot of looks) and so I checked it.

@AshTommoBabe How dare you take my Tommo?!:( grrrr

I read that aloud to Ash and she just laughed.

"Ok tweet this... Oh my God I'm so sorry! How dare I?! I shouldn't have! Oh wait, yea shoud have! Sorry!"

@TiffTommo Oh my God I'm so sorry! How dare I! I houldnt have! Oh wait... Yea I should have! Sorry!:/

The response came back immediately and I could tell this chick was furious!

@AshTommoBabe Why would he even want to date you?! Your not even pretty!

I gasped and replied without telling Ash what the fan said and what I replied.

@TiffTommo Well maybe if you guys weren't so scared that they would neglect you, then maybe they would actually be into u! But if you jut stand in the corner screaming in their faces your not going to get anywhere! Pull your freakin asses together!:)

I sent the tweet and the fan didn't reply at all... That'll show her not to talk to my best friend like that EVER again!

While we Ash was taking a break from cooking she read through her tweets and laughed at my bad ass comment! "Oh My God Kay, fan girl much?!" We laughed and continued with our doings
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