Summer Loves

This is a One Direction fanfiction about two girls, Ash and Kay. One summer, they just so happen to run into the band.
What happens next is all a mystery......


9. Everything About You

Harry POV

My car was parked in Kay's driveway and I was just sitting there, thinking.

Ok, ok. Calm down, Harry.

My hands were shaking. What was wrong with me? I was never so nervous for a date.

I took a deep breath and grabbed the red roses I got for her. Ash said they were her favorite type of flower.

I walked up to the door of her white beach house and knocked.

I heard a dog barking. Strange. She and Ash never mentioned having a dog....

The door opened and I couldn't stop staring at the beautiful girl standing in front of me.

"Easy, Ben." she said to the big black lab, "Good dog."

I smiled at her beautiful voice.

"Hi." she said, smiling and showing clear braces.

"You have braces." I said, smiling.

She clamped her mouth shut and her hand flew up to cover it.

I laughed. "I didn't say it was a bad thing, love."

She laughed and pushed her side bangs out of her face. I took this time to notice that she wore a very light shade of pink on her cheeks, she wore black mascara, her eyeshadow was a light shade of brown, and her lips were a light shade of pink. She was beautiful.

I handed her the flowers.

"Aw thank you, Harry. These are my favorite!" she said, smelling the flowers.

I smiled.

"C'mon in. I just have to finish something then we can go." she said, opening the door wider.

I walked in and was amazed at the inside.

The living room walls were white and one wall was mostly windows that could be opened to lead to a balcony. There was a teal blue sofa with cream colored pillows in the middle of the room along with a clear, glass table with gold legs. There was a matching love seat to the left of the sofa.

I walked a little further into her house. I saw a few photos hanging on the walls.

One looked to be Kay when she was younger, probably around 10, and a little black puppy. Another looked like her and Ash a few years ago. There was one next to that with her, Ash, and most likely their parents during graduation.

"Like what you see?"

I jumped. "Jesus!" I whisper shouted.

Kay giggled.

"Sorry. I had to." she said, smiling.

I laughed. "It's ok, love. Ready to go?"

She smiled. "Yup."

I took a risk and reached for her hand. Her fingers curled around mine.

I smiled to myself. Here we go.


"Wow, Harry." Kay said, speechless.

I had driven up to a nice (but not TOO nice) restaurant.

We walked in and went to the table in the back where no one would spot us.

Kay gasped.

On the table, there was to plates of pasta, a salad bowl, two glasses of wine, and a single rose.

I smiled and pulled her chair out for her.

"M'lady." I said.

"Why thank you, sir." she said in a perfect British accent.

I sat down and we started talking.

"So, you have a dog?"

Really, Harry? That's the best question you could come up with?

Kay laughed. "Yeah. I've had him since I was little."

I nodded.

We talked a bit more. I found out that her parents are in America for a few months, her real first name is Kayla, and she does a lot of athletic things like surfing, sports, and dance.

"Well, are you ready, love?" I asked Kay.

"For what?"

"I have something else planned for us tonight." I told her, smiling.

She smiled. "Well what are we waiting for?"

We got up and I grabbed her hand.

"Let's go."


Harry had somehow got the movie theatre to play A Walk To Remember, one of my favorite Nicholas Sparks movies.

We were the only ones in the theatre.

I was crying by the time the end of the movie came. Harry had his arm around me and was rubbing my shoulder to calm me down.

He started to whisper Landon's last words in the movie into my ear.

"Our love is like the wind. I can't see it. But I can feel it."

I started to cry even more and he hugged me tighter, kissing my head.

We left the theatre and walked to the car.

It was pouring rain. We laughed and ran.

And then, Harry stopped me.

"Kay, I love......everything about you. I like the way you smile with your eyes. There's something about your laugh that...."

"Makes you wanna have to?" I asked, laughing.

He chuckled. Neither of us minded the pouring rain. In fact, I could barely feel it.

We stared at each other for a while. Then, Harry leaned down, closing his eyes.

His arms snaked around my waist and mine went around his neck. I closed my eyes and we kissed.

We stopped and our foreheads touched.

Harry smiled. "I finally got my passionate kiss in the rain."

"Yeah," I said, "I guess you did."

We smiled and kissed again.
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