Its Gotta Be You

Vanessa Jackie visit their best friend, Danie, who now lived in england, Not knowing what to expect. They find out some happy but sad news.


4. WHAT?!!!

Oops. How was i supposed to know that it was 4 am? I guess i got too excited... As i walk into the main office of the academy to sign in, a friend was walking out. "Hey jaz!" I say waving. "Hi." She answered. She seemed a bit pissed. Okahy im not going to lie. She looked pissed off. But at me. "Uhm.. What happen?" I questioned. "I dont know you tell me." She asked me. I felt a spoonful of sass. "Did you not get in? Dont tell me that!" I said. "Go look." I ran to the billboard. Girls were circling around me saying "congrats!" But why? I dont know what i got. I push to the front of the crowd, i looked for my name and when i found it, I read, 'VANESSA..........................…ANNE" uh oh. Now i know why Jaz was so angry. I got the part she had wanted. The main character. I looked for her name when i found it i read, ' 'JAZMINE…………………….PEASANT WOMAN 1' oh god. That aint good. I start walking towards her and she just looks at me and walks away. "JAZ!!" I yell and try running towards her but i get pulled by my teacher, who will be the dance coach for the play. "Not only did we choose you for your dance abilities but for your acting skills too...." Mrs. Mitskati says. But i dont really pay attention. Im just thinking about jaz. I feel horrible. I didnt mean to.. I mean, its not my fault! Mrs.Mitskati pauses all my toughts when she says, "Being the main character, you are allowed to bring one friend to enland from any where, youre mom, youre sister, a best friend. You are also given ten tickets for the play. You are given extra money to spend there." "Excuse me, is it alright if i bring a friend from california?" I ask. "Of course, we just need her information and she will have a seat on the plane exactly next to you." She answers. "Wow. Thank you!" I reply. "Yes,yes. Now go and clebrate or whatever you young folks do. And remember to send me an email of your friends contact information!" "Haha yes maam" i answer as i walk out the door. This will be the greatest time of my life! But first, gotta talk to jaz.
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