Its Gotta Be You

Vanessa Jackie visit their best friend, Danie, who now lived in england, Not knowing what to expect. They find out some happy but sad news.


2. What to do?

Its been 5 years since I've seen jackie, and 7 since I've seen Danie. I was looking at my computer screen looking at old pictures of us playing around in that little park we used to go all the time. We would go climb this huge hill and scream the most random things ever. Jackie would always start. Then i would. Danie would be embarrassed at first but then she'd start screaming things too. She was the most shyest out of all of us. She'd be scared of what other people would think. But me and jackie finally got that out of her. We created a monster, but a monster that we know and love... Kind of like a cookie monster! Everyone loves his craziness. Thats exactly how we felt about each other. Love. More than we loved one direction! I will never forget those guys! I remember making this old promise to danie and jackie. We will be directioners forever no matter what, as long as we're all besties. I'm not sure if that promise is still alive or not. We haven't seen each other ever since danie left to study in london for a career in law. She could've just gone to Harvard. But no. She's the best of the best! Everything has to be perfect for her. Did that mean she had to leave though? I mean, come on! We were perfect together. Right? Well, because of that jackie and I started to separate as well. She went to study english literature in some university in california. Im sure she's having the time of her life. Me? I didn't want to stay in illinois. I wanted to get out there. Go somewhere amazing to study dance. So i left and went to columbia. The best dance school was there. Its been amazing here. But i felt incomplete not being with my friends. I looked down at my phone and searched up 'jackie' her number comes up. Im about to click call. But im not sure what to do. Maybe just a friendly text first? You know, not to bug her or anything. Im not sure. I finally gathered the courage to send her a text. 'HELLO JACKIE. ITS BEEN SUCH A LONG TIME HASNT IT? I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT YOU AND DECIDED TO SEND YOU A QUICK TEXT TO SEE HOW YOU'VE BEEN DOING. LOVE YA, VANE <3' ok. Hope that wasnt too awkward. I put my phone in my purse, close my laptop and run out of my apartment and go to the bus and head to class. On my way, i turn my ipod on and listen to some one direction. I always listen to one direction when i get nervous. They soothe me. I auditioned for a play and today they will put up the results. hope i make it! If I do, then I get to go to london! Where danie lives. Maybe i can go looking for her. Oh, i hope i make it! I put my headphones in, "You're insecure, dont know what for..." One direction sings to me.
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