Its Gotta Be You

Vanessa Jackie visit their best friend, Danie, who now lived in england, Not knowing what to expect. They find out some happy but sad news.


3. What a drag.

"Now im climbing the walls,but you dont notice at all, that I'm going out of my mind, all day and all night" there goes my phone, at 4 in the morning? You have got to be kidding me. Wait. That ringtone is for only one person. "VANE!!!" I exclaim as jump out of my bed and I run to my backpack. I open the text. 'HELLO JACKIE. ITS BEEN SUCH A LONG TIME HASNT IT? I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT YOU AND DECIDED TO SEND YOU QUICK TEXT TO SEE HOW YOUVE BEEN DOING. LOVE YA, VANE' haha she's such an awkward duckling. I really do miss her. Its been so long. I came here to california and her tweets are always about her being in a dance academy. I think in brazil? Chile? Somewhere over there! I cant remember. I've been worrying too much on school. I have papers to write and ugh its too much. I click 'reply' on my phone and say, 'VANE!!! OMG HI! I MISS YOU SO MUCH. IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME. I'VE BEEN GREAT. HBU?" Okahy. Well off to sleep again. But i barely close my eyes when my phone goes off again. UGH. 'YEAH I KNOW, I MISS YOU TOO! IVE BEEN GOOD. SUPER TIRED LATELY THOUGH!' Psh. Shes telling me. Im the one who's texting someone who lives in south america at 4 in the morning!!!! I reply, 'REALLY? IM EVEN MORE TIRED! WHY ARE YOU SO TIRED?' Barely a minute later she says 'WELL CAUSE I HAD THIS BIG AUDITION AND IVE BEEN PRACTICING FOR IT AND TODAY'S THE BIG DAY! THEYRE GOING TO TELL US WHO MADE IT THROUGH!!! ITS EIGHT AM OVER HERE. WHAT A DRAG.' Typical vane. Always going for the big auditions. I answer, 'WOW! BETTER SEND ME TICKETS TO SEE THAT BIG PLAY! WHERE WILL IT BE AT? AND ITS 4 AM OVER HERE!!!' God. Im so tired. My phone goes off again. Niall, you sing so beautiful. Someone bangs on my wall, "TURN THAT PHONE OFF!!!!!" Oops. My bad. "SORRY!!!" I yell back, i hear a door slam a few seconds later. I turn my phone on vibrate and look at the message. 'ITS AT LONDON! AND OMG I DIDNT KNOW. I'L GO SO YOU CAN GET SOME SHUT EYE. TEXT ME WHEN YOU WAKE UP OK?' "Okahy...." I murmur at myself. I barely payed attention though. I was already falling...asleep....zzzz......
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