Its Gotta Be You

Vanessa Jackie visit their best friend, Danie, who now lived in england, Not knowing what to expect. They find out some happy but sad news.


8. Ugh. Kill me.

JAZMINES POV: I put Vanessa over my shoulder and carry her into my apartment and throw her on my bed. Yes. It worked. She's so gullible. Me and her friends? Hell naw. *BUZZZ BUZZZ* I look at her. Damn. Her phone is ringing. I take her phone out her pocket and turn it on. A password. Typical. Whatever. I know her password. It's easy. I type in HAZZA123 it unlocks. I open her text. Its from JACKIE HORAN (: xxx uuhhmm....??? Psh. Naw whatever. *delete* i lock it and put the iphone back into her pocket. I grab a bowl and pour milk and add cereal and make myself a brunch. Yummy. I turn on the tv and watch cartoons. Vanessa wont wake up soon. After and hour i get up and check Vanessa. She was still laying on my bed lifeless. Now to put on a show. I grab my phone and call mrs.Mitskati. After a few rings she answers, "hello?" "Mrs.Mitskati?!" "Yes?" "My God! You have to help me!" "What? Whats wrong?!" "its vanessa!! She was in my car but she fainted! I carried her up to my apartment but shes completely lifeless! I would call an ambulance but i dont want to ruin her huge oppotunity! The doctors wouldnt let her go to london!" "Good point, stay right there! I'll be right over!" "Okahy... Come quick please!" "Yes, on my way" i hang up. A smirk plants itself on my face...

Minutes later mrs.Mitskati is here with a doctor. They run to vanessa. She was still lying on my bed lifeless. "Do you know if she has ever fainted before in her life?" The doctor asked me. "Not that i know of...." I answered pretending to think. "Wait! OH NO! When she was younger she said she wasnt allowed to run when she has something citrus because when she did she fainted!" I covered my face and fake sobbed, "I COMPLETELY FORGOT! I GAVE HER ORANGE JUICE AND SHE RAN OUT OF HERE AND FAINTED!" mrsMitskati hugged me "no, no, im sure it was an accident!" "It was! I swear! I would never hurt my best friend!" I lied. Bitch please. Its easy to hurt this little cunt. She's so fragile. I can slap her across the face and instead of slapping me back, she'd get down on her knees and apologize for everything she does. Vanessa is the stupidest person i've met.  "Well, the only thing i can do for you is give you this medication," the doctor hands me a bag with pills in it. "She'll need to take one every day in the morning when she's in London, if she doesnt want to faint again." He hands the bag to mrs.mitskati. "Thank you, so much! I wouldn't want anything to happen to vanessa!"  "You're the best friend ever jazmine. Vanessa is very lucky to have a friend like you!" She told me. "Thank you!" I said closing the door behind them.  I look at the pills and set them on the table. Aw fuck this. Im not going to take care of her ass. Ugh kill me. But whatever.. First phase done. 

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