Its Gotta Be You

Vanessa Jackie visit their best friend, Danie, who now lived in england, Not knowing what to expect. They find out some happy but sad news.


5. Jazmines diary

Dear diary,
Ugh that little....UGH I dont even wanna say it! Everytime i wanna do something she always has to do it! Like remember that really cute guy i was in love with, juan?! She went out with him. I wanted to get into that ballet honors class, but she got in instead! I MEAN, SHE WOULDNT HAVE GOTTEN IN WITHOUT ME!!! I HELPED HER WITH HER DANCE STEPS!!! Or what about that eally cute gucci purse i got last summer?! She got a better gucci purse than i did for christmas!! Or what about that new phone i got 3 years ago! She got ther newer version of it! ITS JUST NOT FAIR. Just watch, in england i'll make her regret everything she has done. I will steal everything she has and she will have nothing left! THERE'S NOTHING I DO BETTER THAN REVENGE.
Fear me,
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