Its Gotta Be You

Vanessa Jackie visit their best friend, Danie, who now lived in england, Not knowing what to expect. They find out some happy but sad news.


6. Friends?

I get to jazmine's apartment and take a deep breathe. I got this. I knock once, twice, three times, the door opens. "Jaz, im sorry. I told them i want the other part, im not lying!" I said. "Hey. You know what? Its fine. It'll be fun being peasant woman 1! Not much work to do there ya know? Come on in!" She answers. I sigh in relief as I enter her apartment and say, "God. I thought you would never forgive me!" "You know i would always forgive you!" She answered. "This is why you're my bestie!" I answer and hug her. But, she doesnt hug back. Maybe it's because she was pouring some orange juice in a cup? But, who smirks while doing that? Im going crazy. I let go and say "give me that OJ! Haha" she hands the cup to me. "Shopping then a movie to celebrate?" She asks. She knows me too well. "Lets go!" I exclaim as i finish my juice and run out to my car. As i wait for her, i check my phone to see if i have gotten any texts from jackie. I still hadnt. Its fine. I wont tll her about london. I'll just send her contact info to mrs.mitskati and let the whole thing be a surprise! When i put my phone into my purse i start to feel dizzy as jaz got into the car. "Vanessa?!" She exclaimed. But all of a sudden it went dark.
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