Its Gotta Be You

Vanessa Jackie visit their best friend, Danie, who now lived in england, Not knowing what to expect. They find out some happy but sad news.


1. Summer(past age: 12)

Its Summer. Jackie, Vane, and Danie are off to their mischievous adventures as always. "Vane!! Danie!!" Yelled Jackie. "Look! I found this cute little caterpillar!!!" Vane and Danie both turn around and look at Jackie. "Omg! What a cutie!" Vane exclaimed running towards jackie. Danie follows behind, "Ew! Look at it! It's so gross!" Danie said. "Don't you like it?" Asked Jackie looking at Danie. "No!!" Answered Danie. "Who cares cause it doesnt like you either!! HAHAHA" jackie replied. "Jackie." Vane said. "What?" Jackie questioned. "Its fine vane, whatever." Danie said looking down. "Im sorry danie." Said Jackie. Danie looked up and smiled. "Want a big hug?!" Asked jackie walking towards danie with her arms open. "NO JIMMY PROTESTED!!!" Answered Danie as she ran away from jackie. "HAHAHAHAHA" they all laughed. "Danie, you're crazy!!" Exclaimed vane. They all ran to a big hill laughing and chasing each other. They were having the time of their lives. "I WANT TO LIVE FOREVER!" Jackie started to sing loudly. "I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO FLY!!!!" Vane sung. "Eh. You guys are crazy..." Danie said sitting down looking up at the two girls. "Your crazy. You know you love one direction!" Vane answered. "You know you love zayn malik," Jackie said winking at danie. Danie walked up and calmly said "no," following with a loud yell saying, "I LOVE BIG RED BUS!!!" "Preach it woman!" Vane said. "AND THE CHURCH SAYS?" Asked jackie. "AMEN!!!!" Anwered all of them. There they were. Playing around in the open field. Talking and discussing over one direction. Vane was in love with harry styles, they all knew it. Danie was in love with Zayn Malik, there was no doubt about that. Jackie was in love with Niall Horan, no one argued about that. "Lets make a promise." Said danie, "we will be best friends forever no matter what happens." "But we already are and will never break apart!" Said vane. "True.." Replied danie. "How about directioners forever no matter what, as long as we are best friends!" Said jackie. "Yeah!" Exclaimed danie. "Toats! That way we will never be directionaters because we will always be besties!!" Vane said. "Hahaha, I can never leave you guys!" Said danie. They hugged and laughed, but three years later, danie left to london and never came back for a visit, not a text nor phone call. And as that happened, the three best friends seperated one by one.
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