1 hour

There's a lot you can do a lot in 1 hour:
cook and eat your dinner, go shopping, watch TV.
But can you save the world?

It's a thousand years in the future and we've finally found intelligence in another planet, but not what we've been hoping it'd be like! The 'aliens' have sent a message warning us of their invasion and 12 teenagers from around the world have been trained to fight them off and stop more from coming...


1. Prologue

"Jonathan! Look! What's that in the sky?" asks one of the expeditionists. 

"I don't know but it's so close-Take Cover!" he shouts back to the rest of the group. A meteor is in the sky and it's crashing. It crashes at a safe distance but still manages to shake the ground a little. 

"let's just get back to the ship. I don't feel safe anymore, Mr. Jonathan  And seeing that we're on the frozen Atlantic Ocean what if something happens and we're trapped?" Says another woman. There was a scream from the back.

"ladies, gentlemen. Please do not panic. I am your guide for today and I ensure your safety while on the expedition."

"Yeah, but the lady does actually have a point. What if we do die. Did you see that meteor? It was massive! What if there's more?" points out a man. 

"Well then if you're uncomfortable continuing on with this trip, then we will return to the ship." answers Mr. Jonathan.

"What about the people who do want to continue with the trip?" shouts someone from the back "We paid money for this damned trip, we want to carry on with it!"

"Some people do not feel safe, Mr.  Matthews. Mrs. Masons does indeed have a point: you know about the alien warning, I'm sure. What if they sent that? I do think we should get back to the ship."


The meteor crashes against a rock under the water and then lands on a parallel rock to it. Although underwater, an unnatural steam rises from it and clears a path in the water. Then, it slowly splits in half, but not fully, and robotic snakes emerge from the gap. The battle against the Metal Species will begin! 


Back on the ship 

"The power's been cut! The power's been cut! We're all gonna die!" screams an annoying, panicking woman. 

"Shut up for God's sake!" shouts Mr. Matthews. 

The ship's power has been cut and the ship is stranded in the middle of the ocean, and in complete darkness, save for a few supply torches they could find.

"That's it!" Mr. Jonathan exclaims "I'm going to to talk to the captain. He and his crew should know what's happened"

"Mr. Jonathan! Don't go. We have no idea what's he-" Mr. Jonathan was gone and on his own. 

"He has no idea what he's up against!" cackles an old woman. "The invasion has begun!"

"Who the Hell are you. We've not seen you on the ship. Is there a way out?"

"There is no way out, John Matthews, no way out! You and your friends are gonna die within half an hour, John, the Invasion has begun!"

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