Life is our Fantasy

Nicole is your average teenager, she has staright b's, a small group of weird friends, and she writes and sings. so far all of her stories have been about werewolves, they are in her dreams and always racing through her thoughts. what happens when her dreams, stories, and thoughts become real? life truly is a fantasie, but sometimes we are just to afraid to see what it beholds.


1. really?

my eyes widened at the sight of the giant black wolf. i looked it over and smiled. It had black furwith small streaks of white and emerald green eyes. my eyes widened once again at the possibility of what it could be.i slowly snaked my hand out and scratched it behing it's began to make a noise that sounded alot like a purr. "I'm going to call you Bob!" i suggested. it growled and i chucled. 'I'm just kidding." i replied. it laid down and i sat down indian style on the piney floor of the forest. i began to stroke its fur, little bolts of electricity shooting through me everytime i touched it." i know what you are." i murmured. it perked it's ears and sat up a bit. "Wan't me to tell you how?" i asked it. it nodded its head . "When i was younger my grandfather used to tell me of the "beasts" and the story went like this, Long ago there was a young man, only the age of sixteen. He went for a walk in the woods one night. while he was walking a wolf flew out of the trees. the wolf attacked the young man. The young man laid on the forest floor in pain until the clouds parted and the full moon shone out. his body was in so much pain. he felt as if each of his bones were breaking one by one. near the end he clutched his eyes closed, hoping for death. soon enough the pain stopped and he rose up. He tried to walk but clumsily fell over his own legs. he looked down and was met with large black paws. he looked over his shoulder to see that he had long black fur and a black tail with a white tip. he was a wolf, or better known as a werewolf." i finished with a satisfactory smile. The wolf stood and walked over to me. i pulled my arm up and softly stroked inbetween the wolfs ears. it made a sound very much like a purr. i chuckled. "Am I allowed to know who you are?" i asked it. Suddenly it got up and walked behind a tree. "Or maybe not." i mumbled to myself. after a minute a guy with black hair and white streaks that swept over his eyes, a toned chest, and emerald green eyes stepped out from behind the tree the wolf disapeared behind. "Zack?" i asked as shock swept over me. "Yea. it's me Roxi. you happy you know?" he asked as he lifted his scarred arm over his head. "Thats so cool!" i said as i stood up and walked over to him. "I pinky promise i wont tell." i said as i held out my small pinky towards him. he looked down at it with a weird look on is face but eventually he took my small pinky and interwined it with his large pinky. "And don't worry, i wont tell Jessica." i mumbled as i let his pinky slip form mine as a spark shot up my arm. I looked up at him and his eyes were wide as he stared at his pinky. he suddenly shook his head. "Why would i care if you told that bitch or not. i dont like her." he said as he took a step closer to me. i took a step back from him cautiously. "Becasue she is your girlfriend." i said. he took a step closer only for me to step back. "Not anymore." he said as he took a step closer. i took a step back only for my back to collide with a tree. "Dammit." i mumbled. He chuckled and his eyes turned a darker shade of green. "What are you doing?" i asked him. "You are my mate. it can be like a fairy tale. The nerd and the emo boy." he said before his lips closed over mine. "Or A Fantasy." i mumbled throught the kiss

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