They Don't Know About Us

Megan has a rough life her father abusive and her mother an angel in the ground. But when she meets Niall Horan her life seems to be brighter. Untill Megan's father finds out. How will she stay with her true love?


2. Wide Awake

I awoke to find a boy , my age, looking over me .
"Hello, are you okay?"
He was gorgeous his skin baby butt smooth. His eyes so gentle,he was perfect.
" Hello do I need to call someone?"
I came back to reality "Oh no I'm sorry I just- I uh dozed off I guess" I need to hurry if I want to make it to my flat without problems.
" I should get going I'm sorry to worry you I'll be on my way."
" I should go with you, back to your flat, this isn't a safe neighborhood to be alone in."
"It's fine really"
" No I'll go with you besides on my way back I can get some food"
" Oh alright but I'm perfectly capable to walk home by myself."

She was beautiful her hair was silky smooth,her eyes brilliantly shining. I wanted her so much. I'm sure the lads wouldn't mind me being late. It was for a good cause maybe I'll ask her to dinner.

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