They Don't Know About Us

Megan has a rough life her father abusive and her mother an angel in the ground. But when she meets Niall Horan her life seems to be brighter. Untill Megan's father finds out. How will she stay with her true love?


1. The Begining

Megan's POV

"Can't you just be good daughter for once!! You little runt!"
He slapped me... Hard.
" All I did was ask you to sign a paper for school!"
" Well can't you see I'm friggin busy?!"
I ran to my room I'll just have to forge my mother's signature,again.My father came up to my room drunk.
"You don't ever EVER treat me like that again young lady get out get out!"
I ran away as fast as I could but having an Olympian as your father is tough when your running away. I was so scared I didn't know where to go my friend is in the states for vacation so that wasn't an option. I found a bench at the park and stayed there for now. In the morning the beer will be taking its toll so I should be able to go back to my flat and gather my things.

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