They Don't Know About Us

Megan has a rough life her father abusive and her mother an angel in the ground. But when she meets Niall Horan her life seems to be brighter. Untill Megan's father finds out. How will she stay with her true love?


5. Last First Kiss

Niall's POV

I was at the park on the same bench that Megan was on. I looked at the sky so blue almost as brilliant as Megan's eyes the clouds looked soft and smooth like Megan's lips. I just couldn't stop thinking about her! But the one thing that made me unsure was she was covered in scars and scratches. Who ever did that to her should have their butt kicked I would gladly do it. Then I heard someone talking she had the most smooth voice " Is this like our bench or something?
It was Megan. I chuckled.
"How are you on this fine day?" I asked, but then saw blood and her uh eye stuff was running.
She peeked a little smile but then it vanished.
" Who did this to you?!" I said getting up.But she gently pushed me back down.
"It's nothing don't worry."
"I'm going to worry because you know what Megan I love you !"
Her lips pressed onto mine they were just as they looked soft and smooth she kissed me back I loved her no matter what the lads say I love her.
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