They Don't Know About Us

Megan has a rough life her father abusive and her mother an angel in the ground. But when she meets Niall Horan her life seems to be brighter. Untill Megan's father finds out. How will she stay with her true love?


6. Heart Attack

Niall POV

"I kissed her I don't care what you think I love her ." I said
" Really you kissed her you don't even know her." Harry said
" And besides she's from the getto you don't what she's carrying in her purse. I heard somebody had a meth lab in the hood of their sweatshirt in the Drugstore." Louis said.
" Well she isn't okay good thing she's not your girlfriend Louis!" I retorted
"Well I'm just trying to look out for you lad." Louis said obviously hurt.
"Bye"I slammed the door.
Megan's POV

I heard a knock at the door I ran to it hoping my father wouldn't wake up. "Hello gorgeous."
"Niall what are you doing here?!" I was scared I hurried him outside " I wanted to see you."
"Hey! Who's out there?!!" My father yelled. " Come on RUN!" I whispered loudly " Where are we going?" Niall whispered "To the park." We finally got there we hid under a weeping willow next to the pond that no one ever goes to.We were breathing heavily I looked over at Niall he looked at me I smiled he smiled. But then he got serious " Megan you need to tell me what's been going on so I can help you and so it can stop." I looked at him he was so sincere I new I could trust him but my dad would hurt me more if Niall went to the authorities.But then I had so much hope in him I decided to I knew he could make it better. So I went to the drinking fountain and rinsed off my makeup I came back over he immeditly saw the difference "My mother died when I was 12. That put a lot of harsh on my father, he started to drink he thought if he just kept on it he would feel better that the sadness would go away. " I looked up at Niall seeing the sorrow and contentment in his face." He started thinking it was my fault he started to abuse me and I started abusing myself." Then I showed him my wrists,he gasped.
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