Let Me Kiss You

Cathrine aka Cat, has been friends with Niall for as long as she can remember, but, before he leaves for XFactor, he tells her some things.... Read on to find out what happens when he comes back for her after all these years!!


4. Romeo and Juliet

Louis' POV
I really like Cat. She's beautiful, smart, funny, and can obviously kick some serious butt when she needs to. She began to have a look of hatred on her face.
"What's wrong love?" I asked very concerned. She looked like she was going to kill Niall!!
"Nothing." She muttered and then ran out of the room.

Cat's POV
What can I say, I make dramatic exits! I bolted down to where no one would find me, not even Niall. He has known about our basement but when we were kids I made up a story about dead bodies of my victims being in there so he never dared walk close to it. Really all it was, was a place for me to escape, to get away for all the nimrods on this planet and be myself. I changed into my gym shorts and a tank top and walked over to my boxing area. I put on my gloves and trained until my knuckles bleed. All I had to do was imagine Niall's face on everything I hit and I hit with such force, I almost broke my wrist. Huh. Just like the middle school dance all over again..(inside joke) The truth is I truly, madly, deeply, HATE, Niall Horan. He told me he loved me, although I did not believe him, but still! I knew he was a jerk! * Sorry it's so short!! But, now you know more about Cat!!:) Bye my little potatoes!;) ~Sarah Malik*
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