Let Me Kiss You

Cathrine aka Cat, has been friends with Niall for as long as she can remember, but, before he leaves for XFactor, he tells her some things.... Read on to find out what happens when he comes back for her after all these years!!


1. then and now

Cathrine's POV

My name is Cathrine. But if you call me that I swear I will kill you. Call me Cat. As you can see, I have a short temper. I know what your thinking, she must not have a lot of friends. And you would be right. I only have one real friend. His name is Niall Horan. I moved to Ireland when I was young. My parents and I got tired of living in Oklahoma so we decided to move to Europe. For a while we lived in Paris. We got tired of the overly nice people invading our personal space. So now we live in Ireland. I met Niall on my first day of school and we were automatic friends. When we were 12 he poured glue in my hair as a prank so I made him dye is hair blonde. He liked it and has kept it that way ever since. 

Now, we are both 16 and he is at my house for a seep over like we do every weekend. It's become a tradition. Right now we are watching paranormal activity. Well, we're supposed to be. Niall made me pause it so he cold make popcorn. I'll get him back for that...

Niall's POV

I walked into the kitchen and put the popcorn in the microwave. I had nothing to do for 3 minutes so i stared. At Cat. I couldn't tell her. Not tonight. It would be awkward!  I'll do it tomorrow I told myself. I'll do it right before I leave for X Factor... I hope she's not mad at me.

After The Movie

Cat's POV

"We should get some sleep" I told a very tired Niall. He stretched his arms out and crashed on the floor. Me on the couch. I woke up to some one kissing me. This is how he usually wakes me up. I pretended to still be asleep when he pulled away. He tried again, this time I blew a raspberry in his face and ran away.

"THATS WHAT YOU GET HORAN!!"  I screamed as he chased me around the island in the kitchen.

Niall's POV

I woke up round 8:30 so I decided it was time for Cat to get her lazy butt outta bed as well. I decided to turn on the Horan charm and went all sleeping beauty. When I pulled away I smile, she was still asleep. Round two. This time she blew a huge raspberry in my face and ran away. Wise decision. 


"for what?"

"for, OH YOU KNOW! YOU LITTLE DEVIL CHILD!"  we burst out in a spasm of laughter and when we recovered, I promised myself I would tell her.

We sat on the couch and turned on the news. I lost all train of thought when she lay her beautiful head on my shoulder. Now's your chance, man, take it!


"Yes my Irish man?"

"Look up." 


"I have a surprise for you"

Cat's POV

"I have a surprise for you" he told me.

I looked up and got a face full of Horan. He kissed me. I didn't feel fire works, like most people say. I felt like a million bombs just went off on new years. It was amazing. I melted into it, our lips moving in sync. All these years and he felt the same! I don't love him though. Those are big words and I'm not ready for them yet. He's probably just like all the other guys I've dated. He tells you he loves you which you know he can't when he's a cheater. I puled away realizing my mistake. This is going to make everything all awkward now.

"I'm so sorry Cat!"

"No, it's ok."

He was blushing madly. Good thing I don't blush. Because I would be right now. Just then he say's something that will forever have changed my life.

"I love you Cat. I always have, and I always will."

"You can't" I said to him

"Yes, I can. And I do"

Niall Horan. WHY ME?!?!?!

"I have to go" he said standing up from the couch and rubbing to back of his neck.

"Where?" he never said he had to go somewhere. 

"I have an audition for that show, X Factor. You heard of it?"

"Yeah, good luck buddy" I got up and gave him a hug. He lingered for longer than was appropriate and then left. 


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