My One and Only Love

Jason Black was leading the perfect life in his school. He had friendships that would last a life time, he was popular, and he had the most amazing girlfriend. Then he got the news. He was moving. The worst part of it, was he was moving in with his own worst enemy, Hayley Lucia. They were best friends through elementary school, and most of middle school, Until one day in 8th grade, something bad happened, after that they swore to hate one another forever. There was only one problem with this... Jason was in love with her...


2. The Day I Find Out.

Jason's P.O.V.

"I love you." I say, holding Baylee close to me. "I wish I could stay like this forever."

I try to suppress tears, but I can't help but I can't help myself, and that's when the tears start to fall.

"I love you too, I can't bear the thought of being without you, and now you're leaving..." She says to me, crying as well.

Why must my parents make me move to Florida to live with my sworn enemy? I hate the fact that are parents are best friends. That dreaded day in 8th grade still haunts me today, that was day I found her kissing somebody else, she was cheating on me... Then she moved away, and that was the same day that Baylee moved here. All has been well until now.

All of a sudden a light bulb went off in my head.

"Come with me..." I said, her body tensed up, then she took a breath, pulled away.

"I would love to, you know that, but I can't just leave." She said, tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry Jason, but I can't." Then she kissed me quickly.

"I love you." Then she ran off, beginning to cry.

My heart at that moment, shattered.


As we pull into the driveway, I start to breath heavily.

I never told anyone but I'm terrified to see Hayley. I wonder how she's changed...

We walk up to the door and it is opened for us by none other then Hayley.

I see exactly what I've feared since my parents told me we were moving.

I see that I'm still in love with Hayley...                                                                                                                   


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