My One and Only Love

Jason Black was leading the perfect life in his school. He had friendships that would last a life time, he was popular, and he had the most amazing girlfriend. Then he got the news. He was moving. The worst part of it, was he was moving in with his own worst enemy, Hayley Lucia. They were best friends through elementary school, and most of middle school, Until one day in 8th grade, something bad happened, after that they swore to hate one another forever. There was only one problem with this... Jason was in love with her...


1. Prologue

Hey guys, you man know me from my other Movella When the boys come a knocking Well I wanted to start a new one so here we are!

Well before I start it I just want to tell you, I'm writing it in P.O.V. Just felt I had to tell you guys that.

So now I'll tell you a little about the story.


 Hello, My name is Jason Black. My life is perfect right now. I have my amazing best friends, my perfect girlfriend, oh yeah and apparently I'm popular! (Don't worry, I'm just as surprised as you are. ^-^)

Everything is amazing, until I find out something, I'm moving, leaving my perfect life to move in with my sworn enemy in Florida. Her name, Hayley Lucia. I have one problem with moving in with her and her pack.


I'm in love with her...

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