When 18 years old Milla from norway meet Harry Styles at a nigth club everything change for her.


2. lastJuni [chapter1]

The loud sound one thing waked me up. I picked up the phone, it was my best friend, Kamilla. -hi Kamilla! I said. -Oh my gosh Milla we won the contest!!!!!!! she screamed. -the contest? I said and have no idea what she was talkig about. -WE FREAKING WON THE TICKETS TO FREAKING LONDON MILLA!!!!!!!. It sounded likeshe was crying of happines. -ARE YOU KIDDING WITH ME!!!!!!! i was crying to now. -But, when are we gonna go?!?! I asked. -ehh... on monday. . She said  -but it's friday today!! I yelled to her -yes I know.... -we have to pack!!! I said -ok, byee! She said -byeee. I said I run downstars -mom, me and Kamilla won the contest whit ticets to london! I said -are you serious?!?!mom asked me -yes, the plain goes on monday! I said -its ok for me, but you have to pack! She said -thanks mom! I said and run up the stairs. The next 2 days goes wery fast, and before we know it we was in London -auuu! I screm, someone crash in me. -ohh, I'm so sorry! Sayd the boy. -that's okay. I said He give me his hand -hi I'm Harry.

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