When 18 years old Milla from norway meet Harry Styles at a nigth club everything change for her.


3. Lastjuni [chapter 2]

I looked in his beautifull green eyes.
I give him my hand.

-my name is Milla. I said and looked on Harry like he was an ailien.
-Nice to meet you, Milla! Harry Said
-Nice to meet you too. I said and smiled
-but, i have to run, bye!! Harry said
-bye!! I said.

-oh my god!!!!!! Kamilla said
-did that realy happening?? I Ask
Come, we take a taxi to the hotell. Kamilla said.
I followed her inn to a taxi.

5 min later we was standing in the hotel room.

Come on, Get dressed! Kamilla said and give me sone clothes.
-where are we going? I askd.
-you ill see. She said and smiled

We drive a taxi to a nigthclub whit a big Sign that says "Lastjuni"
We walked in.

-hey hey girls and boys! The DJ said
-tonigths live consert is ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!

And then 5 beautifull boys come on stage.

They sing live while we re young

After he ong i stand outside the club
A boy run arter me

-Milla! He yelled
I turn around and i see Harry.
-hi Harry! Is said
-Can i Get your phone nummber? He asked
-ofcorse! I said ang give hin the nummber.

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