Love can be insane at times.

Bella who was in love with Zayn. Harry fall in love with Bella. She had to choose between both, will she go for Zayn? Or Harry?


11. Watersports.


I woke up, took a shower and went to the kitchen for breakfast.

Liam: Morning beautiful! Breakfast is ready to serve.

Me: You prepared breakfast for me? Wow! Impressive! Where are we going today?

Liam: Somewhere relaxing. Somewhere that involves swimming, motorboat, parasailing, and probably fishing if we got time.

Me: Ohhhhh. I’m gonna get wet today. Shall bring a pair of extra clothes.

Liam: Yes, you will and yes, it’s a must to bring.

Had hot milo and two pieces of bread with my favourite strawberry jam.

Me: Alright! I’m ready! Let’s go!

Liam: Such a small backpack you got there?

Me: Well, what do you expect me to bring?

Liam: Nah, you know girls. They really need a lot of things when it comes to dressing.

Me: Certainly not true, I’m not really that type. I just the need the important things with me.

Liam: You’re the only girl that I’ve ever met that is different from the rest.

Me: Glad to know that.

Unfortunately, we had to take a train to reach to our destination. I find it amazing, it’s like an adventure. It was a very long journey to Achill Island, Co Mayo where you could find any favourite water sports activities there. I started off with motorboat. It has always been the first thing I would like to try in my life. We had to choose to ride it alone, or with another person. Liam was worried if anything happened to me because it was my first time, but I’m fine with it. The scenery of the island was breathtaking. The seawater was crystal blue. The sand was sandy white. As the wind blew my hair, I felt so relax.

Liam wanted to challenge me in a race by our own motorboats. I agreed. I had so much fun. I chase him and won the challenge, he grew so mad that he decided to take a revenge back on me. The second round was hilarious. I went in circles as I was afraid he would win over me. There was a time that I almost fell off my boat. Liam accidentally collided into me when he was chasing after me. But I gave a sudden stop which lead him into colliding with me. But I looked up at him and I laughed. His face expression really changed. He was so scared if I got hurt. His innocent look made it unforgettable.

We had parasailing next. I had tried parasailing for quite some time. I knew the strategy to apply. I went first. Liam was next. I was speechless when I was in the air. I could never imagine that Ireland was that beautiful and big. Of course, it’s the birth place of Niall Horan. It’s as beautiful and perfect as the person. The wind was strong on that day, my parachute kept flying to the left and then right and again left and right. Somehow, I got scared. I feared that I’ll land in the sea, my imagination went wild when the wind was blowing really strong.

As I was familiar on the controlling, I landed safely on the land. As Liam took off, I waited for him. I took his pictures a lot. But I laughed, at the point when he wanted to land on the ground. He was not familiar like I do. He went to the right and the parachute looked as if it’s heavy on one side. I shouted to him to steer it left and right at certain point to stabilize it. He looks cute and innocent up there in the sky.

We had a late lunch before we continue with our plan. It was swimming and then fishing. Two in the afternoon, decided to take a light lunch cause swimming was next. I do not want to be heavy when swimming. Liam and I had a short conversation during our lunch.

Liam: How you could control the parachute so confidently?

Me: Honestly, I do feel afraid just a little bit when the wind was blowing strongly. But, I was familiar with it. Back in my hometown, it was favourite hobby. Usually I would be with Zayn when I played some water sports except swimming cause I was afraid last time. Unlike now, after you guys made me feel that swimming isn’t as dangerous as I thought. It’s a big thanks to the boys and you for helping me to overcome my fear.

Liam: That’s alright. You’re one of us. Of course it’s our pleasure to help you. Shall we head to the beach now?

Me: Alright.

We headed to the other side of the beach. The other end. The seawater was really cold. I was shivering in the water.

Liam: Cute swimsuit. Red, and polka dotish.

I laughed. It’s the swimsuit that Zayn bought for me the last time but I didn’t use it. It was ironic, I never thought I could still wore it. Zayn bought it two years ago during my birthday in August.

Liam: Bell, close your eyes for awhile.

Me: Why?

Liam: Just close.

Me: Alright.

He pushed me down into the water. He trapped me around his arm and I tried to break free. But I couldn’t and he lifted me up with his strong big hands.

Me: Are you crazy?! You almost got me killed!

Liam: No, I was just trying to tell you that when you’re in trouble or drowning in swimming. You have me to save you.

Me: But you shouldn’t do that next time. It was scary! I thought you wanted to kill me.

Liam: How could I ever kill you or harm you? You have been the best, best friend I’ve got. Why would I be so heartless to hurt you ?

Me: Yeah.

I swam for a while. I couldn’t stand the cold water dashing at me. I sat by the side and watch the sun setting. It was as if the colors and intensity of the light is just enough to calm me. The sun is like a great big romantic, inspirational fire in the sky. It would be as if a powerful symphony was quieting down, becoming more emotional and beautiful as it dies down. Meanwhile, Liam was still in the washroom, washing up after the swim. It’s true what Liam told me in the morning. He brought me to a relaxing and lovely place.

Liam: What were you thinking back there? You were mesmerized by the sunset.

Me: Not thinking about anything. Kinda miss how Zayn used to be.

Liam: Oh. Forget about him for now. Come on, follow me. I’m bringing you to another place. Let’s go.

As he held out his hand to pull me up. Liam flagged a cab, we got on board. He told me to cover my ears. He said it was a surprised for me. 

Liam: Close your eyes!

Me: Why?

Liam: Oh come on. Do you really need to know the reason everytime I asked you to close your eyes?

Me: Fine.

Liam: On the count of three, you open your eyes slowly.

Me: Okay, I’m ready.

Liam: 1….. 2…… and …… 3!

Me: *speechless for a few seconds* WOW! What is this place?! IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL! LOOK! THE LAKE! AND THE SMALL COTAGES BY THE SIDE! I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS PLACE.

Liam: It’s called Killary Harbour. We’ll fish here alright?

Me: I don’t know how to fish. Heh. I’ll just watch you fish?

Liam: Oh come on. All we want is to have some fun tonight. I’ll help you. There will be no worries.

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