Love can be insane at times.

Bella who was in love with Zayn. Harry fall in love with Bella. She had to choose between both, will she go for Zayn? Or Harry?


9. Race to the Ice cream shop.


Me: Honestly Lou, this is the best moment of my life! After everything happened back there, this is the moment as i’m not faking my smile. I guessed it’s true what people said, “You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.”

Lou: It’s true babe and bless god, I made you smile again! Stay this way Bell! Smiling is the girl’s best make up. You should know that, shouldn’t you?

Me: Haha. Of course I know. I’m a girl.

Lou told me to try out the new batman ride. Since I’m here, why not we tried all of the rides that’s available. I wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity.

Lou: Oh my, I’m getting all dizzy. That ride made me felt like my heart was in the air and my butt was left at the ground. It shot up like a rocket.

Me: Hahaha! Louis! You’re so adorable, would you like a drink? I’ll get it for you while you sit here and rest?

Lou: I guess I need a drink.

Me: Sure, sit here. Wait for me to get back.

I came back with a cup of warm water for him.

Lou: What took you so long?

Me: So long? I was away for two minutes.

Lou: Oh, really? My watch must be insane. Ahah. Where would you like to go next?

Me: I wanna try that.

As I pointed out to the biggest and highest roller coaster in that amusement park.

Lou: You got to be kidding me right? Aren’t you afraid?! Most of the girls I went on that ride vomited on me. Tell me, you won’t?

Me: Haha! Lou! You’re just having paranoid! I’m not that type of girls, I’m fine with it. Are you in or out?

Lou: I wouldn’t leave you alone. I would never leave you alone. I don’t know why, but I know you need protection. Let’s go now.

Me: Yay! You’re the best!

It wasn’t me who screamed now. It was Lou. I laughed throughout the ride! If only taking videos was allowed, I would have taken it.

Lou: I’m hungry. Does anyone here sell carrots?

Me: Haha! Who would sell carrots in an amusement park?! I’ll cook you carrot soup tonight for dinner later, alright? Let’s grab lunch at Mac

Lou: Yayy! You’re sweet babe! Sure!

Headed to Mac which was located in the amusement park, except further away from the rides. Probably because of the noise level. As usual, I had my favourite meal. It was chicken McBites while Louis had McSpicy for lunch.

Lou: You scream as if there was an earthquake and I can’t hear properly on my right ear cause you were screaming too loud!

Me: Really? Aww. I pitied you. Sorry Lou!

After lunch, Lou challenged me in Go-Kart. I accepted the challenge. As the whistle sound burst through my ear, I drove as if I was in a real competition. I kept hitting the tires at the side, I caught Louis laughing at me. Totally felt like revenging and I did. I won the challenge. Louis was reaching to the end when I shouted his name, and he turned which I drove past him, not looking to the back until I’ve reached the finishing line.

Louis: You cheated!

Me: No I didn’t! Who told you to look back? Haha!

Louis: You shouted my name!

Me: Haha! Alright alright! It’s my fault. I’ll buy you an ice cream? My treat! I don’t wanna see you so mad at me.

Louis: Nah I’m not mad, just…. RACE YOU TO THE ICE CREAM SHOP!


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